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  1. Ok I typed 4v300 and I got a bunch of random stuff on google not really telling me what it was... But now that I ttook out the two zeroes I see where you got an 81 Yz250. I did Google the numbers and found a little about an 80s Yamaha but I was just makin sure if I went on a dirt bike forum someone could tell me right away what it is. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Sorry guys I shoulda worded the title differently... what engine is this? May be a better question. And where can I get a rebuild kit for it...
  3. fyi the car was totaled so it was a good deal the quad is a lot of fun when its running. haha
  4. nah not a blaster engine. it's in a blaster chassis but i traded an old shitty car for this quad frame and 250cc engine and put the two together just for fun and got it running... then my brother blew it up... and now im trying to rebuild it but i need to know what the engine came from... but i believe the engine is a dirt bike engine. and i used to have a blaster but sold it and thats where the goofy kick start came from... haha but i have other pictures... so maybe this will help... i can take more pictures of it if it will help figure out what it is.
  5. newbie here... if anyone can tell me what bike this engine is from it would be greatly appreciated.