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  1. Yes i don't need the headlight shroud or front/rear fenders, i just need the side panels
  2. Ok so i laid my 2011 DRZ400S over in some gravel and scraped up the fairings, i would really like the bike to look original, but at the same time i don't want to pay $600 for plastics.. Any ideas of where to buy original or original looking plastics without paying dealer prices?
  3. Yes 4th clip with the stock 142.5 mJ And yes im just mainly paranoid
  4. I installed the needle from a stage 1 dynojet kit, installed a k&n filter and did the 3x3 mod i just want to make sure i have the a/f ratio is really good and not to rich or lean, so i need to know how to check that
  5. This may seem like dumb questions but, Which way to i turn the screw to richen fuel mixture? And is there any way to check the air/fuel ratio without checking the plug? And if i have to check the plug what the easiest way to remove it? steps ect? lmk thanx guys!
  6. Yeah i meant the fuel screw..
  7. Ok i also have a K&N Filter installed, ill re-install the 142.5 tonight and give it a try, Any idea how many turns would be the best guess with my setup?
  8. So basicly the needle is helping performance? How much would i stand to gain if i installed a 150 or 155 main jet with the dynojet stage 1 needle verses just the 142.5 stocker?
  9. Sorry there is no edit button on this thread, You guys are telling me that it would run better if I put the 142.5 jet back in? Or should I just buy a bigger jet if so what size and what part number for just the jet I would need?
  10. How much bigger should I go with the main jet? And does anyone have a part number for just the bigger main jet that I would need for better performance so I can order it?
  11. If I am correct in guessing that I installed the wrong jet what would be the best main jet size to install With the 3x3 airbox mod and cut out baffle at 1000-2000ft elevation? Thanks for the info in advance!
  12. So i have a 2011 drz400S and was told to buy a stage 1 dynojet kit and do the 3x3 airbox mod and drill out my baffle in the exhaust so i did.. After i put my carb and everything back in with the new 136 main jet which is the largest from the dynojet kit i realized that my stock jet was 142.5 &%$#@!! Did i just make the performance worse on the bike? Doesn't a bigger jet make more power ect? Did i just waste my money?