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  1. I almost bought a house there too! Luckily I live in the woods just 45 miles north. They won't get me there right?
  2. Hey Ghill, can you shoot me a PM? I have some questions on ESR 325 kit.



  3. No sir I gotta big ole noggin. And we both know that my current helmet looks terrible so [emoji16]
  4. This would look good with my Yz­čĄö
  5. Walker valley with quite a few TTers!
  6. Also, answer your phone bastard I need to know what time we are going braaaaping tomorrow
  7. Haha remember when I broke my throttle housing? Rocky mountain only had OEM and was sold out of the task one. Motosport had the tusk one
  8. Agreed. Can't you guys just loosen up ffs? Sometimes motosport has things that RMATV doesn't.
  9. Looks like they had a website issue and are offering free shipping through Nov 19.
  10. Ah there's the blown montessa! With Nick Lathrop rocking the flannel, carharts, and mullet!
  11. My friend said this year's was no where near as difficult as the last.
  12. familiar van? I was there with Carina (my roommate) last night, she said she knew ya! Great races and a shame Brandons montessa blew up on the rocks.
  13. endurocross

    I believe my roommate got tickets through her old StumpJumpers club and will be there all day and night show.
  14. endurocross

    Sweet I'll be there too!
  15. I was just there Saturday and there was no snow on the ground. Goose Creek campground closes this weekend.