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  1. Jro450

    2013 fuel pump replacement

    Thanks guys for the reply! I thought that would be ok but doesn't say anything in the book, I'll keep ya posted when I get my fuel pump in and flowin! Gonna have to start straining my fuel! Pretty sure that's why this one took a dump on me. Think I'll use the gas can filter and also a tank filter for a back up protection!
  2. So I have been having fuel issues and I think I have narrowed it down to the fuel pump. My question is after the pump is installed, the book says to hook some connectors up to a 12v batt. and run the pump for 3-5 seconds to check for leaks. Is this necessary or can I just kick it over? I just don't have that fancy connector to do that, or should I take it to the dealer to do this process?
  3. Jro450

    hybrid skid plate 2013 450R

    Good thinkin there KXcam22, I'll have to look into findin me some of those
  4. Jro450

    hybrid skid plate 2013 450R

    Thanks kskyles! Definitely gets cool factor I thought too!! And I like that it's different, nobody else has one!!
  5. Jro450

    hybrid skid plate 2013 450R

    ya those are pretty nice, If this setup doesn't work I might look into this as an option.
  6. So I started off with a WC skid plate and it wasn't exactly what I was after. I do more high speed desert and single track in the Rocky Mountains. So I needed more protection around the water pump housing and the oil filter housing/motor cases. I then found LightSpeed's carbon plate which allows abundant protection I was looking for! So I pulled the trigger on this skid plate. After a few rides and getting a feel for how it protected I was not as impressed as I thought I was gonna be. The added protection was exactly what I was looking for, but the high speed rock deflections on the bottom was starting to tear up the fiber. Well this is where the hybrid was invented!! The carbon is great for secondary protection and the WC is perfect for the hard rock deflections. Ok enough rambling and on to the good stuff! Let me know what ya think, or if you have any questions let me know too!!
  7. Jro450

    Hydraulic clutch Crf450r

    Ok guys been browsing around lately and found this thread. I need help with my magura clutch. I have a 13 450R and installed the hydro clutch. Took out the judder spring and skinny fiber replaced with normal fiber disk. The problem is that with the clutch fully pulled in with it in gear the wheel won't spin. Meaning the clutch basket isn't fully disengaged? right? Even with the gold washers it doesn't want to let the tire spin in gear with the lever pulled in. At a loss at what to do next, any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks!