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    NOS diet plan.

    You can use this diet as your base for anything. I use it for cutting and bulking. It works for everything. All you need to do is alter it a bit. This is the plan I have been given. I did not write it. There are so many things to take into consideration that it would take me a long time to write one of my own. Now I add 2 protein shakes to each day. But that’s because of what I am doing. You may chose to or not to. As for the bad foods. Stay away from: -Fast food at all cost -soda -beer, you have no idea how this will screw you up -any type of junk food -pretty much anything that has a huge list of ingredients that you cannot pronounce I personally like all good natural foods. The chemical foods they sell in Albertson’s are garbage. Look for the good foods. I also have another good plan I could post as well. But I have not tried it.
  2. Allright, we have the stick auto topic. Why not a diesel gas one too. Way back in the day medium duty trucks where gas. Hell I remember when they came with 283's in them. Just up untill recently has everyone jumped to diesel in the light truck market. Weather they tow or not. But lets keep this disscussion to people who use there truck as intended and pull heavy loads. Diesels did'nt start to be the big craze untill about the 90's. Thats when the ford powerstroke and dodge cummins (gen 2) got real popular. Now here is the topic I pose to you all: Why is everyone jumping on the diesel bandwagon, when you don't even break even until about 175,000 miles? Gas used to dominate pulli8ng power up-hill and all over the place. It kinda still dose. With the v-10's and chevy's 8.1. Although you cannot get the v-10 in ford or dodge anymore. Why did everyone go from big block gas to diesel? Why is chevy the only one left with a big block, why did the others drop theres?
  3. You cannot explain towing weights to these guys, the ones that run to glamis are the worst. They just ignore you. Hell if you wanna run over weight and risk the accident, then go ahead. Just remember you will lose everything and I mean everything.
  4. yz426onNOS

    Honda Ridgeline

    So in reality you want a car. Tell me something, how are you gonna get a bike in the bed? It is as pointless as a ford sport-trac. You enjoy your new CAR.
  5. yz426onNOS

    no energy and tired all the time

    Tiredness and no energy are related to: -diet -heatlh -physical activity -mental state They must be balenced.
  6. yz426onNOS

    Oil Filters

    All filters are the same except for the really cheap ones, like super tech. Sure some have fancy features like a nut on the end, or a griping surface, better back-flow valves. But the filtering element is the exact same.
  7. The weight is so minaml you won't notice a diffrence. Parking i'll give you since i'm in So. Cal. But I have no problem with my long bed. Fit in the garage i'll give ya too. But I can get my long bed in there no problem when it's clean. I don't wash my truck cause I use iot for working and it's not a street car. As for offroading, i'd like to see you take a full size up a PNW trail. There to damn wide.
  8. Why would you build a 305? Just to be diffrent? If so I can see why, thats why i'm doing my 283 in my 62. Everyone and there dog has a 350. Cause otherwise thats a crappy motor, such a short stroke for such a big truck/car.
  9. Like what? Cannot think of any. Though I can think of at least 100 reasons why it would piss me off.
  10. I sooooooooo want that trailer!!! But that would so max out my half ton empty. I want to throw a rv on the front and use the back for bikes and a jeep. But first I need a dually.
  11. Most all the lights come on when you start the vehicle. Thats the system running a test of all the sensers and components. To make sure they are functinoning properly.
  12. You spelled dodge wrong
  13. yz426onNOS

    Tib/Fib Fracture

    Talk to twoblackbelts.
  14. yz426onNOS

    Acid Reflux...

    Well, try takeing a teaspoon of vineger. If that helps your not produceing enough acid. If that makes it worse, you are produceing to much.
  15. Hell the only reason wew would fill the filters on diesels was to build oil pressure faster. On the smaller ones it's not nessicary.
  16. yz426onNOS

    Cheap Dodge Ram Parts?

    I backed into a cement pole with mine going about 10 MPH cause I was pissed jack in the box closed. And some idiot parked in the drive through. It looks pretty bad too. But i'll replace it with an aftermarket bumper when I get the money.
  17. yz426onNOS

    how much can you bench??

    True that, but that guy's liver probably looks like a rasin.
  18. yz426onNOS

    Cheap Dodge Ram Parts?

    Ahh ok then, late and i'm tired. Hard to interpert things over the web. I have a 98 and so far the bumpers have been very strong to me. Pushed other trucks with them and such. The raer I smashed real hard and have yet to beat it back with a sledge hammer. Or even tying to trucks together and pulling in oppisit directions. Strong to me.
  19. yz426onNOS

    how much can you bench??

    Word!!!! When ever I talk to anyone about lifting, they always tell me about a guy that lifted 400 pounds back in college. If that where true, there would be thousands of strong people.
  20. yz426onNOS

    how much can you bench??

    That fat is there for a reason. I bet if anyone of the top powerlifters cut down and worked on looking good. They will be stronger and bigger then coleman.
  21. yz426onNOS

    how much can you bench??

    How many examples of guy who started lifting at ages 12/13/14/15/16 that are now 6 foot something 280 and playing college balls. Your bones get micrscopic fractures in them when you lift and grow. The myth used to be you will have bent arms from lifting heavy at a young age. Well it's not true. I started lifting in 6 grade, now i'm 6'2 and 365 and still growing. You stop growing around age 25.
  22. yz426onNOS

    how much can you bench??

    No I stated it correctly. My goal is to be 400-450 some day.
  23. yz426onNOS

    anyone break a scafod/navicular?

    Broke the navicular, hardest bone in the entire bodu to heal. I was in a cast for a year. When it came off I had little movement. I could not move my wrist. Been a few years now and I almost have full movement. But yeah you gotta be carefull with it or you will break it again.
  24. yz426onNOS

    Cheap Dodge Ram Parts?

    It was in perfect condition, go try and dent a chrome bumper. If you don't belive me thats fine.
  25. yz426onNOS

    Cheap Dodge Ram Parts?

    Brand new in perfect condition. The reason, the box was crunched. Trust me on this.