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  1. Johnnie_Fiasco

    WFO Enduro At Stonyford

    Nice thanks Rob!
  2. Johnnie_Fiasco

    WFO Enduro At Stonyford

    Anyone know if there are sign ups on Saturday night? And if gas can be dropped then as well?It's my buddy's first enduro and would prefer to get a little more sleep on Sunday if our line is starting mid-morning. Look forward to a great race!!
  3. Johnnie_Fiasco

    ** NEW GRAPHICS **

    Damn I have black rim envy!!! Great look!
  4. i've met the property owners crossing the stream... i think they invited us over for dinner if i heard correctly between the throttle twists. there is a legal way around... adds about 10 miles... but it's really really fun.
  5. Johnnie_Fiasco

    from S12 --> MT 43 Trials tire

    I can't wait to feel the hook up. I've heard amazing reports. Here's an entertaining video, trial tire rolling over golf ball. Helped sell me : http://home.comcast.net/~jc-long/clips/trials-tire-test2.wmv Stock DRZ has one rim lock only though? I've read reports of people drilling another, 180 degrees opposite the stock. Thoughts?
  6. Johnnie_Fiasco

    from S12 --> MT 43 Trials tire

    Thanks Pauly! Hahaha. Plague - That's the unconscious fear speaking. I'm doing it solo. Good luck on recovery.
  7. Johnnie_Fiasco

    from S12 --> MT 43 Trials tire

    I'm doing the Big Bear Ride next week. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=798784 Based on some research I've done I think a trials tire will give me a slight advantage in the loose rocky shale hill climbs. I'm going for a plaque. I had a few questions regarding running the trials tire: - I'm currently running an S12 with a Moose HD tube. Any reason why I can't use this Moose tube with the MT 43? - The MT 43 rear comes in 4.00 x 18. Is that roughly equivalent to a 120? - Any recommendations on tire pressure for loose conditions? I'm thinking 6 - 8 psi, since the MT 43 is DOT approved with reinforced sidewalls, with the HD tube, I don't see much chance of a flat. - I hate to beta test new gear on the bike before a ride of this scope, but I'm looking for some competitive advantage. I must get plaque. I hear on loose downhills trials tires can feel a bit squirrelly. Is handling, not performance, really really noticeable? I'd hate to compromise riding ability with a tire that takes a couple rides to get used too. Thanks ahead!
  8. Johnnie_Fiasco

    mammoth bar

    Just called Middle Creek, Upper Lake Ranger Station. MC is closed and it's raining up there now, Fri Jan. 29, 12 PM.
  9. Johnnie_Fiasco

    Tahoe National Forest - ride report - pictures & video

    With all due respect to the people that responded to my Tahoe ride report. To those who expressed enthusiasm, "it was cool", or "that looks fun", it was not. It was not riding, the last hour hill climb was surviving. If you haven't been to that fragile place of mental and physical exhaustion in a ride, be grateful. If you have, then you know. You shut up about it; you share the specifics but to the select few that were there. To those who expressed vitriol, you've mischaracterized our experience, and extrapolated a context from the video that captures only one perspective of the ride. That of damaging the trail. You characterize us as a group of incompetent brazen riders sorely lacking the technique to ride this trail. First let me share the creed with which I ride. Respect. We don't trail cut, when we encounter private property we turn around, we respect trail closures, seasonal closures, and rain closures. While I don't agree with all the regulations and laws that govern our sport, I abide by the rules to uphold an image of someone who can responsibly use public lands for a sport I have a tremendous passion for. As for our riding ability, we weren't in over our heads. I put my safety first when riding. I evaluate terrain, and study maps when venturing into unfamiliar areas. I prepare to spend the night in the desert, or the side of a mountain. If we made any mistake it was a lack of knowledge of the correct tire to ride in this terrain. We ride M12 front and S12 rears year round - desert, high sierra, winter rain, and mud. This will be reconsidered. As for the education, Zekedawg, I appreciate you seeing the opportunity educate riders. I've seen time and time again on TT you take that position. We applied each of the techniques you shared. They're both part of our evolved skill set. One we developed by first going to places like Hollister. Then graduating to more challenging places like Stonyford. The photo of the tire sunk to it's hub, was not labelled "cool", nor would I ever refer to it as such. What you don't know was that the tire was lifted out, I stepped above it, and pushed dirt into the hole with my boot. Our physical exhaustion was a result lifting the rear of the DRZ and pushing the bike forward uphill. Time and time again. Had we come to the log which crossed the trail and there had not been a previous tracks we would have turned around. Not created one. Is this bad etiquette? My reference to pinning it in 2nd on one of the final ascents was to minimize the torque of the rear tire, and maintain a speed that would get me to to the top. An effort which resulted in more float on top of the soil. Less sink. I challenge anyone to ride that trail without spinning a tire. Unless you're running a trails tire, it's impossible. I received a PM asking me for the location of that trail. I won't disclose it. It would give any experienced rider a challenge, and is downright dangerous for the inexperienced. Bill you write, "I'm lucky I don't come across you on the trail." It's not clear what that means. It sounds threatening to be honest, and that's not the conditions we'd want to encounter each other. I'd much rather like to meet you and your fellow riders on your next organized trail maintenance in the area. If you live in that area, your backyard offers very special riding opportunities, as a visitor I'd like to due by part and show my appreciation for your past efforts and make a contribution to future riders who may venture there.
  10. Simply put, our ride this past weekend in Tahoe National Forest was the most difficult we've done in the five years riding off-road. Horse Thief Canyon held top honor until this one. The pucker factor exceeds 10 on the ascent. And at several points the trail drops off several hundred feet to a river below. One mistake, forgot the calling in the choppers, you just died. Helmet tip to the riders who frequent these parts. It's a wildly special place. Does the soil ever change? Haven't ridden that kind of rock / sand blend before. Figured late in the day start in 2nd and keep it pinned to prevent sinking in. The ride. Mile after mile of narrow trail. Bummer! No one home. Trail maintenance Trail continues upward The trail that nearly took my life. No bite. Communing with the Gods. Digging deep inside. Human spirit leaving the body. Positivity of riding buddy kept situation in check. Redemption, 6 hours in, 12 miles on the odometer Video - http://vimeo.com/5950676 Video was shot on my point and shoot Canon A710IS. Correct export settings make for high quality.
  11. Johnnie_Fiasco

    4/18 Moonrocks

    NorCal, Bay Area. SF to be exact. Closest spot for riding is Cow Mt in Ukiah. We regularly drive 3 - 4 hours one-way for riding opportunities. Where were you guys coming in from?
  12. Johnnie_Fiasco

    4/18 Moonrocks

    That looks to be the spot, with Granite Peak.
  13. Johnnie_Fiasco

    4/18 Moonrocks

    When we hit Moon Rocks we were riding from Moon Rocks to Fort Sage OHV in CA, described as the most inaccessible OHV park in CA... that's definitely true!!... but did hit some fun SS trails. Sandy Hills is closed from Jan. 1 to April 30th for deer habitat. Posted signs looked and smelled new. Given the lax OHV rules in NV I was surprised by the seasonal closure. I know nothing though -- we're NorCal riders. If you haven't been out towards Sandy Hills from Moon Rocks there's some great SS. We're going back for more exploring.
  14. Johnnie_Fiasco

    4/18 Moonrocks

    Bandit99 -- We were parked next to you in blue pickup ... DRZ's. I was asking you about your TE510 Conditions were great! Sandy Hill area is closed until 4/30. I'd wait for that area to open before hitting Moon Rocks.
  15. Johnnie_Fiasco

    chappie opens April 1

    ZekeDawg -- Any word on when Chappie is opening? Truly a special place! Pics from a trip back in 07 - http://bit.ly/gxqqY