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  1. That's an option, but still going to Hollister later also!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I grew up riding there but may have to postpone this trip
  3. Anyone ridden this? Seems to be really close to Jawbone OHV (did they acquire it?). I can't find any reviews of it. Wondering if anyone's checked it out? I was supposed to head to Hollister this weekend from LA but the weather seems iffy.
  4. Really varied honestly, a mix of higher speed trails and single track with occasional trips to the desert mixed in (Southern California). I wanted more flexibility than my KX250F offered. Thinking about gaining 1-2 teeth on the rear sprocket though.
  5. Awesome. I am loving the suspension, but I suspected something was wrong with the jetting.
  6. I can mix the next jug at 30:1 or 32:1. Still go to 175/48/NCEW at 32:1?
  7. HP2 full synthetic @ 40:1, been running that for years in my brother's YZ125 with no issues
  8. Is that the NC3W? Pretty sure is has the NE3W in there right now? Sorry for the seemingly newbie questions, my older 4 stroke carbureted bikes were less picky and my most recent was a 250F with FI.
  9. Sorry to revive a dead-thread, but sounds like I'm having an extremely similar problem (though at a little lower elevation) and haven't really had to mess with carbs in the past. I typically ride from 1500-5000 feet, would going from 178/50/NE3W to 175/48 seem like it makes sense? Feels good right up until it gets to the top 1/3 and didn't really want to idle (seemed rich). All stock with the GYTR Turbinecore 2 FWIW.
  10. Sounds like a good time, My brother and I will be there on Sunday but I have to do a few heat cycles on the new ride We are sort of new to the area and are looking for more variety. Next time we'll get into one of these longer rides!
  11. I just picked up a 2018 YZ250X and need to do my break in. How gnarly is Rowher Flats after rains like we just had? I'm thinking about heading there Sunday. I moved to LA last year and I've only been there 3 or 4 times, but so far I enjoy the riding there more than most of the "day trip" locations. Not the biggest fan of Hungry Valley, but I imagine HV is ok despite the rain this week. Side note, how bad does the road in to RF get after weather like we just had?
  12. Yea, I plan on running this out of gas and switching to HP2 (we've run the Honda stuff in my brother's YZ125 for 15 years and have only needed to do 1 top end - though it is his "extra" bike). It just so happens that I have access to a ton of HP2 or I'd use Yamalube. It'll also make it more convenient if my brother and I are running the same premix.
  13. Thanks guys. I've ridden plenty of 2 strokes before (younger brother has an '01 YZ125 he got when he was in HS and won't part with) but never had to do the maintenance on it myself. I was going to go 450, but didn't want the weight of the 450FX and no one has anything bad to say about the 2T. Looking forward to riding this. This will be a combo woods/desert bike (I live in Southern Cali but grew up riding in the forests in NorCal and still like to get up there). I have always broken in my bikes on intermediate trails at lower speeds, it's just the fuel mixture I'm worried about. Glad to hear 32:1 is pretty standard.
  14. Just picked it up yesterday and want to get the break in out of the way. I know the manual says 15:1 and take the top end apart and sand (don't know how necessary that is, seems nutty to take apart a brand new engine). It has 32:1 in it right now, do I need to drain the thing and run 15:1 through it? This is my first new 2 stroke (last 3 bikes have been 4T MX bikes) Thanks guys.
  15. I am strongly considering the YZ250X, but I don't mind spending a little more on a counter balancer and electric start. Good to know the bike can handle lower gearing!