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  1. firefinch

    Silverwood? Arrowhead?

    Same story here. First time up there and it was great. Dirt was awesome, getting water soaked socks in 40 degree temps was not, haha.
  2. firefinch

    Silverwood? Arrowhead?

    Wondering if anyone knows what it looks like for the weekend? Thinking about heading up there but am having a hard time figuring out how heavy the snow would be on those trails.
  3. firefinch

    Silver ride report?

  4. Thanks! I just ordered a TT Endurance 2 for my YZ250X to figure out fuel range, but will use my phone for nav most likely. I have no idea what the range is trail riding and am trying to figure all this out. I've started to venture out on longer rides recently and am trying to get everything set up for those.
  5. I was trying to plan out a route on my computer or phone in advance. I could use it as a GPS, but am trying to figure out approximate distance of a ride for fueling.
  6. The searches kept bringing up tracking apps, I am looking for something to plan one out in CA. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. firefinch

    2012 kx250f engine noise

    No, my 2012 I sold a few weeks ago
  8. firefinch

    2012 kx250f engine noise

    I had great luck with the stock setup on that bike. I had it for almost 6 years and never even had the valves adjusted. Fired up every time right away and pulled hard, especially for a 250F. I can't speak to everyone, but that bike as as close to bulletproof as a four stroke race bike could get. I had an '05 Honda before...
  9. What a tool you are. I posted some videos following some buddies around that I haven't ridden with in a few years on a camping trip and you use it to talk sh*t. Screw you dude. I raced when I was a 15 and am in my 30s now with kids and a mortgage. I never said I was under any illusions I was going to win anything. I want to get back into some hare scrambles and figured if I could have some fun with a few friends I'd do it one more time. Hope you get kicks out of being a damn troll.
  10. firefinch

    2012 kx250f engine noise

    This description below doesn't sound like the same engine as a 2010. In addition to adding fuel injection (injectors make noise, my Corvette and Dodge V8s tick a lot), the changes were the following for 2011... "they modified the valve timing, changed the cam profile (by increasing valve lift), strengthened the intake valve spring tension, raised the piston crown shape, raised the compression ratio (13.2:1 to 13.5:1), reduced the cylinder height, increased the crankshaft diameter at the taper mount and changed the crank web shape. " For 2012 "The crankshaft, connecting rod, ACG stator and rotor have been revised. The crankshaft assembly features a balance factor of nearly 60 percent, which Kawasaki claims is on par with their factory race machines... The material on the crankshaft web and connecting rod has been thickened, and the crankshaft pin has been strengthened. For enhanced long-term durability, the cylinder walls and piston have a nickel-plate coating." A considerable amount of internals were changed in addition to adding injectors and an ECU. My guess on the sound was always the injectors. I meant that since the 2010 doesn't have injectors, maybe that had something to do with the lack of noise?
  11. A group of friends wanted to do a race similar to this (team endurance race). I can't seem to find any places that still do something like that? Any ideas?
  12. firefinch

    2012 kx250f engine noise

    Here is a link to my '12 KXF before I sold it. It has done this since the day I bought it brand new. Never had a problem and it pulls harder than my friends 2012 CRF250R. Bike is stock aside from a DRD spark arrestor. The sound is more noticeable on video than in person. Probably has 60-70 hours on the original top end and I haven't had them adjusted.
  13. firefinch

    2012 kx250f engine noise

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but your 2010 isn't fuel injected. The 2012 has 2 injectors. It's a totally different engine as of 2011 (I believe) and maybe the switch from a carb to FI is the reason you aren't hearing anything. To the OP, I had a '12 250F and it made a similar sound too from the day I took it home from the dealership. You should be fine.
  14. firefinch

    Best trails in Gorman/ Hungry Valley?

    Power line is good, but it loops back around through some harder trails. If you follow it to the end, you need to backtrack a bit to get back on "green" trails, otherwise it's blue/black after it runs out.
  15. firefinch

    Best trails in Gorman/ Hungry Valley?

    Stay to west for the most part. Just north of the truck course or some of the hills to the northeast. I will likely end up there Sunday (or possibly Rowher, but not likely).