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  1. YamahaFanBoy923

    Will 2013 plastics fit on 2001 yz250?

    probably not, 2001 frame is different from the 2013 frame. Although maybe a member with more experience can correct me if im wrong
  2. YamahaFanBoy923

    Riding a bike in the sand dunes

    If you have an xr80 dont bother with a paddle tire, it will make it bog down to much. Your xr80 should have enough power to move through the sand although i wouldnt try and climb to many hills
  3. YamahaFanBoy923

    Air filter oil

    Maxima Fab one spray oil works fine for me
  4. YamahaFanBoy923

    Shipping Dirt Bikes

    Driving the twelve hours is probably cheaper than shipping
  5. YamahaFanBoy923

    Coolant in crank

    i wouldnt worry, coolant has additives in it that prevents corrosion.
  6. YamahaFanBoy923

    Yz 125 blown up questions...please help

    Send the cylinder to millenium technologies. I was in your position about a month ago, for about $220 my cylinder looked brand new. Also if your still thinking about what piston kit to get, go OEM. I have had bad luck with wiseco recently in my YZ 125. Although you are set on getting an aftermarket top end kit, i have heard good things about vertex. EDIT: I forget to mention, get your cylinder honed to stock size. It will make life easier
  7. YamahaFanBoy923

    First time to a track soon.

    They will probably split the bikes up if it gets busy, but on slow days all the tracks around here run all the bikes together. And yes weekdays are less busy than weekends
  8. YamahaFanBoy923

    Are these levers any good?

    I have the ASV's. No complaints here
  9. If it just idles and slowly dies, that is normal if your bike is cold. I have an 02 YZ125 and i have to give my bike a little amount of gas when i click my bike into first or it will stall
  10. YamahaFanBoy923

    chain lube is like glue

    WD40 sounds like a bad idea. I use Maxima Chain Gaurd
  11. YamahaFanBoy923

    Anyone wear boots without the booties?

    That sounds like it would be extremely uncomfortable. I would never do it, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes
  12. YamahaFanBoy923

    Suzuki JR50 Help?!?!

    You wouldn't happen to have an owners manual would you? All of these questions should be answered in the owners manual
  13. YamahaFanBoy923

    Spray paint black rims?

    You're better off plasti dipping them. when the plasti dip begins to chip, peel it all off and put on a new coat
  14. YamahaFanBoy923

    My Freakin back hurts!

    MAN UP! seriously though if you ride regularly you should stop having back pains after a couple weeks
  15. YamahaFanBoy923

    Moto2Go- riding area app for Android

    I just downloaded. Why isnt this app more popular?