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  1. In the scheme of things.... the issue wasn't the bike or the MSO, just an issue with your DMV not reading the numbers correctly. I'll be sure to double check that when they look at mine.
  2. I agree. He's got 3 bikes...all with little hours. He said he likes to build as much or more than ride them. He's keeping his 4 strokes and selling this one. Worked out perfect for me.
  3. Thanks. It'll be nice to be on something light again. (the 450x still feels light after the 650R I raced for two years though!) The 300 is nice... KTM World full "works suspension" package 4.8 n/mm fork springs 6.0 shock spring Sprung for for 225 lbs with gear Accessories include the following: A60 18/21 Rims laced to stock hubs/spokes KTM Powerparts Wave Seat KTM powerparts Orange Slave Guard KTM Powerparts Orange Rear Rotor Guard KTM Powerparts Black Rubber Triple Clamp Protector KTM Powerparts 51 tooth Stealth Orange Rear Sprocket (13 tooth front & oem chain) KTM Powerparts Plastic Skid Plate KTM Powerparts ELine CF Pipe Guard Trail Tech Exhaust Flange Guard Orange Powdercoated Frame RAL 2009 Enduro Engineering Black Handguards with White Plastic Shields Enduro Engineering White OEM Headlight Kit KTM Powerparts Six Days Germany Saxony Graphics KTM OEM White Plastic Kit Renthal 827 Black Fatbar Pirelli Scorpion XCMS Tires w/ one ride on them Hammerhead Designs Shifter KTM Powerparts Orange Rear Brake Pedal Tip KTM Powerparts Orange Breakaway Levers TM Designworks Orange Chain Guide Bolt Orange Axle Adusters KTM Powerparts Orange Valve Stem Caps JD Jet Kit Cycle Playground modified stock XC Head (pump gas) KTM Powerparts Map Switch KTM SXS Pipe SAMCO Sport Orange Hose Kit SAMCO Sport Orange 1 Piece Radiator T Piece Rekluse EXP 2.0 Rekluse Clutch Cover Ohlins Steering Damper Bike has less than 12 hours on it.... It's really about the best I can get without buying new. Hoping to just dial it in with some basic adjustments and go....
  4. Hope so... My first 2 stroke since 1998. I've had a couple KTM 300's but they were 98, 95...plus a 91 250. Loved them all... I got a 520 in '02 and have had various 4 strokes since then. Currently on a dualsported 450x. I decided I only have a few dirt bikes left in me...(technology has far surpassed my riding ability) so I wanted to go back to a 300 for a while before I buy that "last bike"...most likely a new KTM dualsport. Can't wait to get it... hopefully reignite some riding passion I've been missing for a while. I broke my back a few years ago and was off the bike a good while. Just don't seem to have that same "fire" to ride like I used to.
  5. My DMV lady says it's not an issue. It'll be a red sticker bike here... 2012 KTM 300xc. MSO and a bill of sale is all I need to bring in other than the bike itself. Thanks for the input guys!
  6. Unfortunately... far too many DMV employees are clueless. I've asked things before and had them change once you are standing there with $ in hand. I actually know a DMV employee and she's looking into it, as she didn't have an answer right off. I figured I'de ask here to see if anyone has been thru the same scenario.
  7. Looking at a used 2012 KTM offroad bike that is out of state. Owner has the MSO, no title...says they don't register bikes where he lives. Bike has no lien listed on the MSO, owner says it was paid in full at time of purchase. Anyone aware of any issues with registering the bike in Ca? I'de just have the MSO and a Bill of Sale when I walk into the DMV. Please no guessing.... if you know, I'de appreciate the help.
  8. motochris

    Bucket List:...? What's yours?

    It's a great ride down if you take enough time, like 6 days.... but I wouldn't want to ride back. In fact.... it's best if you can ride down and fly home and let your buddies bring your bike back. At a bare minimum... go prerun a Baja racecourse before the race. It's marked and you can get a map of it all downloaded into your GPS. Hard to get lost that way. Biggest plus is that if something happens, there's always English speaking people coming along behind you.
  9. motochris

    '05 450x and '09 450x.... will the shock/forks swap?

    Good to know, thanks much.
  10. motochris

    '05 450x and '09 450x.... will the shock/forks swap?

    So no other parts needed.....other than the forks/shock, correct? I have an '05 and have a line on a fresh set of worked over '09 parts for a great price, just don't want to pick them up and end up having issues with something unexpected.
  11. Like title says.. will the forks/shock swap between the '05 and '09 450x?
  12. motochris

    looking for used aftermarket exhaust

    I have a Big Gun Evo-X slip-on I'll sell. Comes with spark arrestor. Low hours, smokin power... $149 shipped. PM me....
  13. motochris

    XR600r 3rd gear...recommended parts list?

    OK...decided to just blow it out as a whole bike on Fleabay. One of you guys needs to buy it to part out...I'm too lazy. Thanks much for the help! Item number: 290265256051 - $799
  14. motochris

    XR600r 3rd gear...recommended parts list?

    WITH the 3rd gear whining? It has a billet upper clamp w/ Protapers, stock tank plus baja tank, BD kit, but no signals...I can't remember if he gave me the switch gear or not...the rest is pretty much stock. Couple dings in the rims, needs grips, tires, and some tlc. Dual registered...current green sticker and plate.
  15. motochris

    XR600r 3rd gear...recommended parts list?

    Exactly what I needed, thanks much. I tried to look up the gears on an online microfiche...had no clue which ones I needed. I'm thinking I may just sell it as is. Last thing I need is another project. Who needs a street legal 600r?