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  1. I prefer the Tokyo Mods version over the TT/APE design...It's easier to adjust, higher-quality and looks Pro. Here's a link --> http://www.tokyomods.com/honda/99-06%20CRF450%20RX.html#engineparts
  2. huffster

    09+ with Magura clutch?

    Dav, Call Buck or Peter @ Magura USA, they can help you get your slave cylinder seal reseated...That's what caused the juice to leak !
  3. huffster

    Valves are toast. Should I throw in a new piston?

    JE, CP and Cosworth are all very good..More compression usually gets you more bark or snap, with a little less top-end...13.5 will be okay with 93 Octane pump gas.
  4. huffster

    early CRF450 questions

    "Running it wide open for a while" is not something 99% of us are capable of....Have you checked the breather reeds in the top of the cylinder head cover ? Also, it could be overfilled.
  5. huffster

    Team HRC Japan is back !

    Strange is that Arrow went OOB in the U.S., must be all about paying the biggest fee to be on those bikes.
  6. huffster

    2002 CRF 450r Service Details and Parts

    the FAQ for CRF450R's can also be found ....Here ---->>> http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=453727
  7. huffster

    03 CRF450R Flywheel Removal Failure

    Tapping the flywheel, while the puller has tension, will usually result in it letting go. A bit of heat on the flywheel flange can help, too.
  8. huffster

    Anyone try the RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING

    I've never been a big fan of RK chains. I prefer the DID 520VM or EK 520SRX. These will last !
  9. huffster

    yz426 hard to start. what should i do?

    Based on a very short description, I'd say it sounds like textbook valve clearance issues causing difficulty when cold.
  10. huffster

    What chain should I buy? 2001 YZ250

    DID 520ERT for a roller chain. DID 520ERVM for an O-ring version.
  11. huffster

    Fork Seal Woes

    Better yet, increase the tension on the fork and dust seals by about 20% by cutting the springs that apply the pressure. I've been doing this since the upside down forks came out and my fork seals last a year or more. Also, have you ever had your fork bushings replaced ? If not, they are shot and allowing the fork to wiggle too much !
  12. huffster

    09 Engine Destroyed Pics

    For all the haters, I just did a complete rebuild on my 2003 CRF450R this past winter. Over 220 hours of engine time since new, still had the OEM piston, rings and lower end. I replaced the piston with a JE, replaced the valves with OEM and had the valve seats recut. Put it all back together with the stock crank and she runs like a dream... Lesson to learn is if they are ridden HARD...They WILL break ! End of story...
  13. Almost all the aftermarket wheel sets are a bit heavier than OEM, especially the Honda OEM rear wheel, due to less spokes. It's hard to believe folks actually WANT to remove the OE wheels... One also should not throw Taiwan and China into the same "bucket". Chinese factories are geared for Mass volume (apparel, bicycle parts, etc) while the Taiwanese factories are much better at hard parts in terms of quality control and dependability.
  14. huffster

    MSR Volant rims

    Justin does raise some fair questions. Sorry to hear this happened. Did you do a complete wheel or rim/spoke set on an OE hub ?
  15. huffster

    need help, need options for small budget!

    I would avoid going smaller than 13 on the front, as that actually increases the drag on the engine and might make stalling more frequent.
  16. huffster

    need help, need options for small budget!

    I run 14/53 gearing on my R, barkbusters, skid-plate, softer offroad valving ( I know, not cheap) and at least an 11oz flywheel weight, that will smooth the hit a lot. You can also use one of the Steel Clutch baskets to get the same effect, for about the same $$ out of pocket.
  17. huffster

    2010 crank and magazines

    Any idea how many times you banged the rev-limiter during those 35 hours ? I would guess about 13,385 times...
  18. huffster

    Seized Transmission Bearing

    If you are already this far, we don't even want to hear that you are cutting corners and not replacing everything in those cases while its apart !
  19. huffster

    2003 crf450r yoshimura?

    I did a search for the L V Outlet Store and I can't find it...Have a link ?
  20. huffster

    Is This Setup Fee Ridiculous?

    How, exactly, is MSRP decided on a 3 or 4 year old new bike ?? lol
  21. those sprockets are crap and I've never been a big fan of RK chains...There ya go !
  22. huffster

    Is This Setup Fee Ridiculous?

    Is your sales tax included in that price ? It should be , so that's not too bad. If it's not, then walk out and try another shop. It takes a flunkee about 20 minutes to assemble an MX bike from the crate and shipping is less than $ 200.00 per crate.
  23. huffster

    MSR flywheel weight: hard to put on?

    It's not rocket science, the MSR FWW threads into the exiting flywheel and comes with an extra cover, if it's required, for clearance..>Follow the directions, piece of cake !
  24. huffster

    stock shim size on 450r?

    250's use a 7.48 diameter shim and the 450's use a 9.48 diameter shim...Buy the correct shim kit and you will have what you need.
  25. Take the bike back and get your REFUND....Scumbags never win !