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  1. Works_Connection

    2011 KX450F Rev Limiter @ 5820

    Hi Guys, On our tach/hour meters the ppr (pulse per revolution) setting needs to be changed if your bike is EFI equipped. I have included a link to our website that if you scroll down has a short video of how to install the hour meter. At the beginning of the video it explains how to change the ppr setting. It is easy to do, and then your rpm's will be accurate. By the way, it has no effect on the 'hours' on the bike no matter where the ppr is set. http://worksconnection.com/details.php?id=722 Hope this helps. ...Eric
  2. Works_Connection

    PPR setting for RPM/HR meter?

    Bonestock07, 1.0 is the correct PPR setting for your bike. Our hour/tach meters are pre-set at 1.0, but are also easy to reset to 1.0 if you have changed the setting. ...Eric
  3. Works_Connection

    Hour Meter install

    GethighRacewear, kwtrail is right. Our tach/hour meter will work on the 'coil in cap' style as well as the conventional wrap around the spark plug wire setup. Here is a link to a short video that we made showing how to install our tach/hour meters. The video goes over the 'coil in cap' style that your CRF150R has. http://vimeo.com/17929701 Thanks. ...Eric
  4. Works_Connection

    works connection rad. cage install

    cjxrider125, Here is a link to the instructions on our website. http://worksconnection.com/images/instructions/18-264_pdf.pdf I guessed that it was for a YZ450? if this isn't the correct model...just select your make, model, year on our website and choose the Radiator Cages from the products displayed. The instructions for all of our products are listed in a PDF format. Just click the 'download pdf' and your good to go. ...Eric
  5. Works_Connection

    Behind the scenes at Works Connection

    hey johnny, bring your bike down, we want to make it our special project bike and see how sweet we can make it Seriously though...Thanks for the props guys! ...Eric
  6. Works_Connection

    hour meter

    Here is a short hour / tach meter install video that we did to help our customers with their install. Hopefully you guys like it thanks. ...Eric
  7. Works_Connection

    Hour Meters

    Here is a short video we made to help show how to install our tach / hour meters. We get a lot of calls inquiring how to do it...so we decided to make a video to make it easy. ...Eric
  8. We just finished a short video covering all the details of installing our tach / hour meters. We are asked a lot about how to install them...so we decided to make a video for everyone to make it easy thanks. ...Eric
  9. Works_Connection

    How to hook up hourmeter?

    Here is a short video we made going over the installation process of our tach / hour meters. We get a lot of inquires asking how to do it...so we decided to make a video to simplify things ...Eric
  10. Works_Connection

    Engine Hour Meter

    Here is a short video we made showing the installation process for our tach / hour meters. Hopefully if a picture is worth a thousand words...how many words is a video worth? ...Eric
  11. Works_Connection

    Hour meter virgin, install question

    We receive a lot of inquires about how to install our hour / tach meters, so we made a video going over all the details. Here it is: Hopefully this helps. thanks. ...Eric
  12. joshb, Give Shawn a call at (530) 642-9488 ext. 209 and he can help you if you're still having a problem. thanks.
  13. Works_Connection

    Any problems with your hour meters?

    johnk408, It is true that all hour meters record in 'tenths' which are 6 minute intervals. So sometimes a meter will show say 1.0 but it may only be only 1 minute from changing to 1.1 so in other words they can vary by approx. 5 minutes depending on where they are at in the 6 minute time frame (hopefully that makes sense). With our meters we have tested extensively by comparing them to a stop watch and they are very accurate. If you are timing your motos though to be 100% accurate I would still use a watch of some type since they can be off by a few minutes. ...Eric
  14. Works_Connection

    2011 350 SXF Skid Plate by Works Connection

    rikioh, Here is a link to our distributor in Germany/Austria. Not sure when they will have them in stock, but you could check with them directly. http://www.procircuit.de/ thanks. WC
  15. Works_Connection

    2011 350 SXF Skid Plate by Works Connection

    We are expecting to start shipping the Skid Plates by Thursday 9/2 Everything went smooth so we beat our original guesstimate by a week.