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  1. A lot of interesting ideas and conversation. I currently own a KTM500EXC uncorked, too fast for riding with children. I am currently looking for a 2005 to 2007 CR250 which when jetted properly can fit that purpose. I would suggest a YZ250 less than 5 years old they are all the same. They are carburated, easy to start and amazingly light which makes it easier for you to stop, get off, and help the kids without wearing yourself out. When you open up the YZ it will run down most any bike and has amazing suspension. Just my 2 bits worth.
  2. You should measure the stock assembly and then check with Motion Pro.
  3. I owned an 1985, there was something wrong with the ignition coil and it would start fine cold just not when it was hot. Get the ignition checked or check for a spark when it is cold vs hot. You can also try shutting off the fuel, lay it over to drain the fuel bowl then stand it up kick it a few times then turn the fuel back on.
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