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  1. crf230_7

    Maier Makes CRF150/230 Plastics now!

    Re: Maier Makes CRF150/230 Plastics now! :cry: :devil: :D :cry:
  2. crf230_7


    Think its legit? http://www.kearnymesamotorsports.com/customer/product.php?productid=286&cat=147&page=1 This too http://www.motopartsonline.com/product_info.php?cPath=65_75&products_id=149
  3. Do the long seal savers fit the 230?
  4. crf230_7

    AHH!! Another Sprocket Question

    I feel like the 230 has some problem coming out of corners acceleration wise. Would the 12T change this? Or would the 51T? I just really want more acceleration. Top speed to me really doesnt matter much.
  5. crf230_7

    AHH!! Another Sprocket Question

    What would be good for trails?
  6. crf230_7

    AHH!! Another Sprocket Question

    Would it be better to go with a 51T or 52T rear?
  7. OK, If I were to get a 12T countershaft (front) sprocket here are my questions: 1. How long would my stock chain last becasue I heard by replacing the countershaft sprocket the stock chain wears out faster. 2. Would I have to Re-Jet? 3. Would I have to do anything, if anything, to my stock chain to make it fit? 4. If I need to buy a new chain, which one do I need to buy? 5. Will I sacrifice alot of top speed? 6. Will gain alot of acceleration? THANKS!
  8. crf230_7

    Appearance counts

    HOORAY!!!! PLEASE keep us updated. Ive been waitin for aftermarket plastics for the 230 FOREVER!
  9. crf230_7

    Which boot?

    Ive changed my mind again lol. I think Im going to go ahead and go with the Fox Forma Pro's. Thanks for all the replies. Also in reply to a members question you can get the Oxtars for $199 at www.chaparralmotorsports.com
  10. crf230_7

    Which boot?

    Yeah I would definetly get the Tech 8s, but I think they're just a little too expensive. I can get the Fox Formas for $203 and I can get the TCX's for $199. I think Im going to go with the TCX's;I heard the Cambrelle stuff thats inside the boot is very comfortable and the boot also looks like it can last longer and survive through more harshness than the Fox Forma's. But if anyone has tried either one of these boots please tell me how you liked it.
  11. crf230_7

    Which boot?

    Ive decided to upgrade for my Gaerne Rx Pro's. Ive looked at all the boots ever made and Ive narrowed it down to two; Fox Forma Pro and the Oxtar TCX Comp. I ride mainly trails, ever once in a while the track. I want comfort, protection and I want the boot to be light in weight. Which boot would be better for this? Thanks.
  12. crf230_7

    BBR Exhaust

    Yeah POWROLL makes one. www.powroll.com
  13. crf230_7

    high octane gas?

    Dont run higher octane gas in a 4 stroke rather buy gas that is more oxygenated.