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  1. On2Whls

    Use of soft saddle bags

    Mosko and Wolfman as well. I have wolfman. Really diggin the Mosko stuff.
  2. On2Whls

    Foot pegs

    Should be the same as the R,RX
  3. On2Whls

    How COMPRESSION affects JETTING....

    [emoji848]. Anxiously awaiting....
  4. On2Whls

    Quick Jetting question ...

    Yes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mEsw891e5HUdLIrq4yYQzm2QCsRgK-ihDkrL_fu7_iA/edit#heading=h.liicsytlw4nn
  5. On2Whls

    Increasing Stator Power

    if you still have a key switch, add it to the circuit or a relay off of the key switch.
  6. On2Whls

    Increasing Stator Power

    Do the bikes outside of USA have the same stator? They come with factory headlight/taillights. I run a DS kit with 35W H4, aux LED, USB charger and have no issue sustaining mid upper 13V as indicated by the trailtech display, at low idle with everything running it will dip down to high 11v - low 12v, but a blip and it's right back up, just be cognizant of running accessories at idle.
  7. On2Whls

    Increasing Stator Power

    Need to know amp hour rating of the battery. The amp-hour is a unit of battery energy capacity, equal to the amount of continuous current multiplied by the discharge time, that a battery can supply before exhausting its internal store of chemical energy. An amp-hour battery rating is only an approximation of the battery’s charge capacity, and should be trusted only at the current level or time specified by the manufacturer. https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/direct-current/chpt-11/battery-ratings/
  8. On2Whls

    What to buy: XR650L, CRF450L or Africa Twin?

    Those are all very different, each has benefits. That's why we each need so many bikes. 🙂 DR/XR 650 may be better suited, the CRF will shine more on single track. won't be as bad on the road as a KLX450R. I rather like riding the CRF on the road. On the road, It's the smoothest dirt bike I've ever owned. I think that's the best way to look at a 450L
  9. On2Whls

    Set rear preload? Remove Subframe!! yikes!

    as long as you can get to you're good. I've never torqued a spring lock nut. I'll typically use a drift pin to knock it loose, adjust it, then use the drift pin to tighten it down. If you were going to go by the book you'd probably need something like this , https://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0380 to put a pin spanner in. Use of a pin spanner would require removal of the subframe to get a pin spanner in there. Glad you got the book.
  10. On2Whls

    Radiator guards/braces for the CRF450L

    A little disappointing in this regard. " I also noticed that it didn't rattle like my old aluminum plate. However, engine noise reflected to the ride seems unchanged. " One thing I really like about the L is the efforts to thwart noise. but less rattle is a good thing, maybe some foam will help.
  11. On2Whls

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    The firmer suspension is probably the only thing I don't like. But I need more time in the rocks and roots to decide what to do with it... I'm 145lbs, 155+/-with gear.. it very stiff to me.
  12. On2Whls

    Radiator guards/braces for the CRF450L

    Hijack! My apologies I see they have an HDPE skid plate/ linkage guard too! I've always had alumium ones and hate that the noise from the engine reflects back to me, do these offer less reeflected noise? https://www.axp-racing.com/en/product/2019-honda-crf450l-crf450xr-xtrem-skid-plate-axp-racing-black-ax1522
  13. On2Whls

    Richen up?

    Good to know. Thanks for the feedback. Any adverse effects? Changes in fuel economy? Other than the apparent abuse of fuel to produce wheelies [emoji1303]
  14. On2Whls

    Richen up?

    Thanks for the input. I do believe it would richen it across the board. I believe it will produce signal that is indicating a cooler air temperature utilizing feedback from the stock Sensor and the one included therefore it will provide a more stable enrichment across the board instead of an increasingly richer curve as more cool air is sucked into the intake. I don’t need a tuning solution. The bike runs fine as is. A little more fuel for a cooler running bike is appealing for longevity.
  15. On2Whls

    Richen up?

    Thoughts? [url=https://www.boosterplug.com/shop/boosterplug-honda-crf450l-770p.html]https://www.boosterplug.com/shop/boosterplug-honda-crf450l-770p.html