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  1. Hey cool pics, So what ever happened to Carmicheal Retiring.
  2. 04hondaCRF150F

    Post Pics Of Your Husqvarnas.

    Nice Graphics. lol
  3. 04hondaCRF150F

    Sponsor Video

    Nice, you really got the corner speed down. If i was someone looking for someone to sponsor i would pick you for sure. You look smooth and fast.
  4. Lets see some pics of the Huskys out there since everyone else is doin the Best lookin jap bikes. So ill start off. This is my 2006 Husqvarna TC250. The only thing different is i got side numbers on it with Black Backgrounds. Before: Supermoto: After: In Action Pic
  5. 04hondaCRF150F

    *Pics* 2007 KTM 125 SX

    Idk i like the way they look with numbers on them. I want a New KTM 250SXF or one of there 144SX. But im happy with my Husky Though. NICe Bike Though. I like it.
  6. 04hondaCRF150F

    NEW Track In Clovis NM

    So who is goin to be racing at the New MX track in Clovis, its a fun track. Really Nice to.
  7. 04hondaCRF150F

    if your looking to buy a 250f look at this

    Idk about the KTM, my Husky is up there with the KtM on the motor, It has a Full Titanium Arrow Pipe, Magura Hydrolic Clutch, Excel Rims, Ohlins Rear Shock, Marzoochi Forks, Brembo Brakes, Twin Air Filter, and Fast By Ferraci did my motor. So idk whats on the inside. Its supposed to be around 45HP. JBut everything else i listed was Stock on the bike.
  8. 04hondaCRF150F

    post your european bike pics here!!

    2006 Husky TC-250 Everything done by Fast By Ferraci SuperMoto Setup
  9. 04hondaCRF150F

    Pics of my 2006 TC250

    Hey, thats an awsome saab, what year is that , my dad has drvin Saabs all his life pretty much, Bewfore the 06 we had a 1994 that looked like yours but it was a 2 door and black, my dad made it for the autobaan and it topped out at 198 MPH. with out a turbo. it was pretty modded, it was lowered and everything, then after the 94 we got a 2003 Saab 9-3 Sedan 5 speed. Thefirst year of the new body style on the 9-3. It was all right for the 4 banger, it was pretty fast. it was the Vector i think but with all Areo Parts. And then back in may my dad order the 2006 Saab 9-3 20th Aniversery Convertable. Its #184 of like 400 i think. Its pretty nice, its the V6 Turbo with about 300 HP i think, or 250 HP somewhere in there. we got the 6 speed Auto-Stick though, i miss the standard but this was the only 20th anniversery we could get. Its pretty quick, i think we've got it to 156. My dad wants to get an ECU from Abbott Racing and the Exhaust from Abbott Racing once they release them to the States. If u want more pics of the car let me know and ill get some. The only thing we did to the 06 was Tint the windows and take the little air restrictor out of the airbox.
  10. 04hondaCRF150F

    Pics of my 2006 TC250

    Nope not swedish, just there bikes are well made, And my dad came from 19 years in the Military in Europe, So he didnt want me to get a Jap Bike. Did ne one notice the Swedish Car in the background. lol Yea thats how we roll. we have 3 huskys and a 2006 Saab. Thats all my dad drives.
  11. 04hondaCRF150F

    Before and After of my 2006 TC250

    Husky is made in Italy, and thats where Fast By Ferracci is too. So put 2 and 2 together. THe pink was cause everyone that goes to whitney trys to stand out and gets noticed so i thought i would stand out with pink, but imma paint them black now that i didnt go to whitney.
  12. 04hondaCRF150F

    Pics of my 2006 TC250

    I posted them in the Pic Section go look and tell me what u think.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=439333
  13. I Had Fast By Ferracci Do my motor work to my TC250 cause i blew it up about 5 months ago. I actually only shattered 2nd Gear. But when i did i decided to buy there graphics since they did awsome work and did a bunch of work to it. And I Love There Graphics, so heres a Before and After PHoto. The only things that are goin to change is im getting another set of black preprints to go on. Before: After: Hope You Enjoy. And if u are wondering. Yes that is Pink on the Sprockets and Pegs. I was bored and i was supposed to race whitney but didnt have my motor back in time. So yea.
  14. 04hondaCRF150F

    What song is this ?

    Hey, i was the one that posted that second Vid. lol Awsome, People have been emailing me like crazy to find out that song. And i never knew it. But yea. Thats about it. Wow i didnt know many people looked at my vids. leave me a comment. lol
  15. 04hondaCRF150F

    tight motocross video

    My friend has one of Tommy Hahns 450's, its freakin Nice, and Its fast. Awsome Video. Seen it alot too.