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  1. What would be a good temp gauge for an MX bike with no battery, looks like trail tech made one that had a coolant temp sensor that you put inline to the cooling loop but appears to be discontinued or something as it doesn't show up on their website? Any ideas as I don't care for the temp. stickers and that tusk cap from RMATV looks like a gimmick. Any good small digital temp sensors that run off of a self contained battery? trying to get into woods riding and want to keep an eye on temps, also semi unrelated secondary question does Engine Ice work any better than regular coolant or is it snake oil?
  2. FishSticks

    Dream bikes

    ^ beta 300rr
  3. FishSticks

    Wrong hydraulic clutch oil?

    i never trust anybody but the manufacturer
  4. FishSticks

    Hey guys after all the debate i got an 07 crf 150 rb.

    I had one one of my favorite bikes I owned
  5. FishSticks

    Craziest thing you've done on a dirtbike!

    I almost ran over a probably 7 foot alligator once if that counts
  6. FishSticks

    Riders hand?

    Looks like a hand to me but then again I'm not a fancy pants medicine man
  7. FishSticks

    XR400 Cafe Racer Project

    What happened???
  8. FishSticks

    2 stroke or 4 stroke for me?

    450 is what I would do
  9. FishSticks

    XR400 Cafe Racer Project

    This build makes me want to take up metal working
  10. FishSticks

    02 CR80 leaks black spooge oil

    this is what it is I had an 85 that would only drip the black stuff if you ride it very slowly on trails and stuff on the mx track it wouldn't do it
  11. FishSticks

    Won't start :(

    i think it only would when it's hot but maybe, I don't know anything about carbs
  12. he may as well sell he can't do it for Under 2000 with good components
  13. FishSticks

    Buying Graphics already on plastic?

    It's so easy if it gives you trouble break out the hairdryer I'm super lazy and don't do much but I will apply my own graphics
  14. yes on hydraulic clutch no on e start for me