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  1. Do a leak down test. And check to see if the exhaust got blocked somehow. Pull out the baffle and see if it runs better and if there's something in their. Critters crawl in and die. I've found a mud daubers nest in a muffler, it wouldn't run with that.
  2. flyandride

    DIY Coolant heated handle bars

    I thought about doing that with a street bike long ago. Bikes were air cooled back then so I would have had to pipe the oil through the bars. Now I have electric heated grips.
  3. flyandride

    Aftermarket tanks

    I have the Acerbis also on my '09. I think it makes the bike look like an ugly mutt but it works. Also there is gas in the part that is the radiator shroud that is below the level of the petcock. If I had to do it over I would get the IMS tank.
  4. flyandride

    How Much Damage Can An Improperly Cared For Air Filter Cause?

    I saw a lot of those on chopped Triumphs and BSAs long ago. They called them velocity stacks. I would see a lot of them when they showed up at my place with a worn, smoking top end.
  5. flyandride

    2005 WR450 won't idle without choke even when hot

    That sounds like a typical pilot jet issue. Pull it out and run a strand of wire through it and look at it with magnifying glass and bright light. It doesn't take much of a film in a pilot jet to make it run lean in that range. Better yet is to replace the pilot jet. You may have to adjust the idle mixture adjustment screw to get it spot on, 2 turns out will put it close.
  6. flyandride

    Bike-mount Tool Bag

    I use a rear fender mounted tool bag. Bolt it through the fender with some big washers and it won't come off. Now you just got to remember to zip it closed. I've ridden back 10 miles looking for the tools that fell out.
  7. We call those "Texas love seats' around here.
  8. Ride alone or ride with guys your age. But most guys my age have given it up or the wife sold their bikes while they were gone.
  9. That mechanical speedometer under the Trail Tech looks like a universal speedo for Japanese bikes and is sold by JC Whitney and others. I've used a couple of them on DS conversions and they work fine. I kind of like the old school look anyway.
  10. flyandride

    00 WR400 carb mid case seal availabilty

    I ran into that same problem with an '01 250. I did what most do for that and bought a carb from a newer bike. I managed to get a carb with cables for $75. The mid body seals were available for later years.
  11. flyandride

    Your worst fail ever on your WR

    WRs don't fail. Only riders fail.
  12. flyandride

    Drz400 consuming oil fast. Suggstions?

    I think you just answered your question here about the oil burning. I would do this..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cylinder-Works-Standard-Bore-Cylinder-Kit-11-3-1-400-DVX-KFX400-KLX400-LT-Z400-/390881750857?fits=Model%3ADRZ400S&hash=item5b025e2f49&vxp=mtr If your bike has steel valves they might have survived OK.
  13. flyandride

    Help first bike WR 450 problems

    Chain and sprocket sets are not too expensive. At least the previous owner used cable ties and not rubber bands, string or duct tape. When you buy your second bike, look it over carefully.
  14. flyandride

    Aftermarket radiators

    Mixed results with them for me. I used em on a 250 and they fit perfectly and cost only about $80 a pair. I bought them for my 450 and the fit was so bad I thought they had sent me radiators for the wrong year. So I returned them and got 1 stock. They are probably welded by kids in a Chinese sweat shop. Wearing cardboard with a slit instead of a real welding helmet.
  15. flyandride


    Walmart sells an equivalent, I think it's call Tech Lube spray.