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  1. Jeph

    I think it seized

    My son's klx110 had a oil leak that I found out about when it would only rev and not go after a long ride. I let it cool and it ran normal. I checked the oil and I think it was awfully close to empty. It had a slow leak that I haven't been able to find, but I guess it leaked a lot more than I thought. By the time we got back to where we were staged, the rear wheel would not even turn in neutral. When it cooled, it seemed fine again (I didn't try to ride it, but the wheel unlocked) The question: Am I good if I just add oil and it runs fine? Help?!?!?!?
  2. Jeph

    Idle Question

    I have had this problem with many of my little kid bikes..... When I adjust the idle to idle high with the choke on, it will die when I take the choke off. When the kids ride they can take the choke off, but as soon as they stop the bike, it dies. The idle is super high with the choke on so i don't want to make it even higher. Thoughts?
  3. Nvrmind.....it's the idle screw...found it out myself...thanks search!
  4. I have my 250ex carb apart for a good cleaning and stalling issues. Am I right that there are 2 different air screws? A small one bu the floats and a big one by the throttle sleeve? I assume the small one is set correctly somewhere between 1 1/5 and 2 turns out...what is the big one supposed to be? It was 4 turns out when I pulled it off, but I'm not sure if that is where it should be... Help???
  5. Jeph

    TTR 90 ES jets and clip

    I see a lot of jetting help with the 125 and 230....but I have a 90. My carb is opened up for a cleaning and I was wondering if the stock jets and clip are where they work best. Live in SoCal with no mods to the bike - airscrew 1 3/4 turns out. I am struggling with idle (that's why I was cleaning the carb now - and my son broke his choke lever) and thought I'd ask around if anyone has experience with a good setup. Thanks!
  6. OK.....I guess I needed to manup a bit. Got it. Just pulled like hell with a screwdriver in the ring at the end. Thanks, all!
  7. One more question....does the long part of the spring go on the stand post or the bike post?
  8. Mine broke and I ordered another one. How can I get it on without a puller? I have been yanking on it for an hour and figured one of you readers may have a trick.........
  9. I have gone and done it again...I messed with the carb too much and now I need to get it back to running good again. I bought this quad from Missouri and it never quite idled well in the SoCal deserts where I ride now. I need to know jets, needle position and turns out from bottom screw (air/fuel I think) The symptoms are that I messed with it and now when I hit the throttle at all, not just off to full, it dies. If I ease it on it will be OK. When it does die, I have to completely stop and restart the thing. Thanks for any help! O yea....all stock setup.
  10. Jeph

    Santa Clarita Closures

    So all these closures that have been on and off the last 10 years (mostly on)...where do you guys ride? I live off of Copper HIll and I am finding myself driving to Gorman as my closest riding area. I am really not a fan at all of Gorman. Is there somewhere me and the kids can ride without a huge, hilly travel? I am looking forward to Rowher, but it is really dissapointing to hear about Drinkwater.....
  11. Jeph

    Buying a bike from Nevada?

    I've bought bikes from Missouri, NY and Cali off of ebay. They just crate them and ship them to me. You have to bring the bike to the DMV where someone inspects the exhaust and makes sure all the numbers are on it, then send you the registration in the mail. IMO Californians for some reason think their bikes are worth more than anhyone else in the country. Really easy....except you have to deal with the DMV! I say go for it!
  12. Jeph

    250 EX is a squeak box

    What do you recommend for lubing this stuff? Silicone spray or grease?
  13. My wife's ride is a Honda 250 EX. I do all the work myself and the last 2 seasons the suspension squeaks pretty bad. What maintenance do I need to do (or replace) to get it back to normal? Sounds like it comes mostly from the front end.
  14. Keep in mind it was an '04...not 07