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  1. Speeddemon73

    Seen a yellow 2016 yz450f today at the shop!

    I am a bigger guy, 5'11, 225 lbs, muscular build and I tend to like a bigger feeling bike. When I went to buy my 15' YZ450 I sat on the other major brands and they just felt really small to me. Almost like shaking hands with a cat haha. My 450 feels just as light as my 250 two stroke out on the track, but the cock-pit/suspension feels like it is geared more towards larger riders which I liked. Doesn't feel any heavier than my 250 when I pick it up either. Personally, I think the Yamaha's look really skinny and sleek compared to some of the other brands on the market. Just my $.02.
  2. Speeddemon73

    Yz450f bad backfire..

    Like Rick said, make sure to check your exhaust bolts, fittings, and clamps. Make sure everything is tight and sealing correctly. You will get a decel pop if there is an air leak in your exhaust.
  3. Speeddemon73

    Starting settings with lowering link

    Sounds good man! I bought the link with the intent of evening the bike out as I noticed the bike had a slight stink bug stance coming into corners and the rear would want to jump out of ruts and not hold a line very well. First day with the link out on the track and the bike handled like a dream. Tracks way better and feels really even around the whole track. No more front end low stink bug. No complaints and the link does exactly what it's supposed to
  4. Speeddemon73

    Starting settings with lowering link

    One thing to look into is to make sure your settings on each fork leg are the same. I know this sounds like a no brainer, but it does happen. When I first got my bike I thought it handled decent, but not what I expected. Turns out the mechanic who put my bike together did not set up the forks with the same clicker settings on each fork and the adjustments on the shock were really far off. I put the clickers back to the stock settings I found on MXA's website and the suspension is awesome, literally the best I have ever ridden. Also, this is very important, when you sit on the bike in your normal sitting position and move up and down, the front and rear suspension should compress and rebound in unison. Not one fighting the other, there should be balance and they should work together as a team.
  5. Speeddemon73

    Starting settings with lowering link

    The lowering link will stiffen the initial feel of the shock, but it will be more plush everywhere else in the stroke. I have the Pro-Circuit link on my 15' and I run 110mm of sag, forks 4mm up in the clamps, with stock suspension settings as far as the clickers go. Bike handles like a dream and I haven't had to mess with any of the clickers yet.
  6. Speeddemon73

    any parts from the '16 worth changing on '14-'15?

    I have the Pro-Circuit link. Just the link was swapped out. The rear suspension is initially a little stiffer, but is a lot more plush throughout the stroke and the bike handles much much better.
  7. Speeddemon73

    any parts from the '16 worth changing on '14-'15?

    Honestly no. Most of my buddies who own current Honda's and Kawi's with the launch control say that they have never used it. They tried it once and did not like it at all, did not see it being an advantage on the starting gate. If you want to make a noticeable change to the bike that will improve the handling, buy yourself an aftermarket lowering link from Pro-Circuit or Factory Connection. Bike turns, holds a line, and corners soooooo much better. I have one on my bike and it leveled the bike out and the bike handles awesome now.
  8. Speeddemon73

    Best 2 stroke oil for cr85

    Honda HP2, Motul 2T, or Maxima Castor 927. When I had my CR85, we ran HP2 mixed with 110 Sunoco race fuel. Ran great and ran very clean. Motul is great too, doesn't burn as clean as HP2, but also really expensive. The best premix that I have been running for the past 5-6 yrs has been Maxima Castor 927. When I change my top ends, they come out looking like brand new and hardly any carbon deposits anywhere on the piston. I ran both my 125 and 250 two strokes on this oil and they run awesome. Just a really really clean burning oil, my internals look brand new, and smells great too . I would recommend Maxima Castor 927 premix.
  9. The track was super deep and mushy. Had to keep the bike wide A$$ open most of the time or I would have gotten stuck. I wouldn't say it ate half a tank, more like a third of a tank. Just happy she is finally eating. Before, it would not eat very much fuel and didn't run so great. Now she runs prime and eats lots.
  10. My settings for the day were as follows. Outside temp was 77 degrees, slight breeze. Main Jet - 180 Pilot - 48 Needle - 2nd clip from top, JD blue needle Air Screw - 1.5 turns out Fuel - Sunoco 110 mixed 32:1 with Maxima Castor 927
  11. Well I went to Wednesday night practice with my friends at one of the "local" tracks after work. I say local because its about 45min away. Track was pretty mushy, not muddy, more like race day morning. Deep sand/clay/loam. Fired the bike up with the Mikuni using Pro-Circuit's recommended jetting. Warmed the bike up and went out for a lap before getting flagged back in as the minis were going out. My overall thought was that the bike just didn't seem to have the overall crispness like it did with the Keihin. The Mikuni has a little better pull, but no snap on bottom. The ruts from practice were about footpeg high every corner so bottom to mid pull was of the essence. Put the Keihin back on with the setting that I wanted to try on the track and man does it run amazing now. I mean it ran great before, but woah buddy!. Mid to top you better hold your undies. She likes to eat now, went out for a quick 10min moto and the bike ate about 1/3-1/2 of a tank worth of fuel. Runs like my 125 did in its prime. Took the plug out this evening to see how my jetting was and well, you guys have a look. I think its pretty well spot on. Not too lean, but not to rich either. Nice and cinnamon-chocolate brown. MMMMMMMM! I think I am going to keep the Keihin with it running so good.
  12. So hey guys, I am thinking of experimenting with my bike a little bit. I never ran the bike with the stock Mikuni TMX after the engine mods. I have been back reading some threads and looks like some users had their squish fixed via RB Mods and after that the stock Mikuni seemed to work great. I think I might give it a test tonight and see how she runs compared to the Keihin PWK that is on it now. The Mikuni probably fits way better. The Keihin is a little difficult to get to fit to be honest. Might have to try and sell mine and opt for the short body PWK. I think the long body might be creating an air leak to be honest. Who knows? I will report back with my findings
  13. Thanks guys for all the kind words!
  14. It's my favorite track in Michigan by far. The people running the facility are the nicest people you will ever meet and the track is always groomed and prepped on practice days like it was a big race weekend.
  15. 13-50, has a good pull off the bottom and still has plenty of top end pull to carry gears longer.