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  1. Virginia_Remington

    Honda CRF250R (2007)


  2. Virginia_Remington

    Honda CRF250R 2007

  3. Virginia_Remington

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Does anyone have a discount code if so please pm me
  4. Virginia_Remington

    Whats the best deal youve ever gotten on a dirt bike?

    Easy a old guy bought a crf450r to putt putt on his property he soon figured out that's not a putt putt machine. So he had it for sale or trade he wanted bikes for his grand kids so I traded a ttr90 and kx85 for it the ttr I bought for 50 bucks needed carb cleaning and 85 for 100 doll hairs needed tires lol
  5. Virginia_Remington

    Should I bother with a 2 stroke pipe gaurd?

    I just made one with old metal sitting around, took some time and was fun. Seems like it will work fine
  6. Virginia_Remington

    Im new here!

    Welcome New here, hope u enjoy!!
  7. Virginia_Remington

    KTM 250 EXC 2003

    . . .
  8. Virginia_Remington

    Homemade Pipe Guard

    thanks alot it worked well with the temp to http://s989.photobucket.com/user/wisebry/media/C89A40FC-420F-49D2-B2FD-28AF2C86BB0C_zpsv4huf81j.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4
  9. Virginia_Remington

    Sending your Dirtbike down the creek - SEEEEEEE YA!

    Insurance will cover it, he will prob say it was stolen....
  10. Got to be the worse when you stand up and sit back on your boys............
  11. Virginia_Remington

    what is the best brand of bike?

    IDK kinda like them specialized better
  12. Virginia_Remington

    Self protection

    Yea pellet gun is just going to piss everything off and make it worse for you, better off with nothing than a pellet gun. Try that bear spray, maybe even a taser dart gun?????
  13. Virginia_Remington

    Why Women are Better than Dirt Bikes

    Cant trade them up for somthing better
  14. Virginia_Remington

    Absolutely PINNED Two Strokes!

    How is that guys hoodie still white LMAO
  15. Virginia_Remington

    Why honda motorcycles are saving off road

    In all reality a bike is a bike its only going to last as long if the owner takes care of her and maintains her right. Of course Honda is my favorite but only cause of the power delivery and the feel of the bike is my preference but as far as saying they are the best idk. Anything can last long just take care of it