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    I have 3 sets of Fox Racing 180 gear for sale. #1. White/yellow/blue/pink Jersey and pants are in like new condition. Gloves have some dirt marks on palms. Jersey Large, pants 32, gloves Medium. $75 shipped #2. Blue camo print. Some scuffs on the right butt area and a few snags in the jersey but no tears, rips, or holes. Jersey XL, pants 32. $35 shipped #3. Red/white/blue vented jersey and pants. No tears, rips, or holes but white material has discolored from dirt. Jersey Large, pants 32. $35 shipped PayPal only, and shipped in Continental US only. Thanks ALL SOLD!


    , Illinois

  2. jdoc7

    150 for my next two stroker?

    I'm in the same boat as far as what to do; get a 2015+ YZ125 or a 2017 150SX? I currently ride a 2011 YZ125 and love the fun factor. However, being on the pipe all the time riding MX does take its toll. It's extremely fun but would love a bit more low end and mid when I choose not to run in hyper A mode. Considered a YZ250 but The KTM seems perfect for the type of riding I will be doing. It's just tough to swallow $6999 plus tax, title, doc and setup fees when I can get a 2015/16 YZ125 for over a grand less. Can someone who has had both help us guys who are on the fence? I would love to drink some orange Kool-aid!
  3. jdoc7

    Running out of gas stories

    How about running out of gas on the face of a jump....front end dropped as that feeling of hopelessness set in. Cased the next. Will never do that again!
  4. Previously loved the ODI MX 1/2 waffle lock ons. IMO, they are still a great grip, and easy to install, however, they are somewhat costly. I have since switched to Pro Taper 1/3 waffle grips and really liking them. They are soft but offer tremendous grip and they are the perfect diameter for my medium sized hands. They come in a variety of colors too, currently rockin' the gum colored ones
  5. jdoc7

    gaerne sg12 vs gaerne sg11

    I can't comment on Fox Instincts since I've never worn them. Having said that, I wear a size 9 street shoe and the size 9 SG-10s were pretty much a perfect fit. The size 9 SG-11s are, AT LEAST, a half size larger than my street shoes. There is a ton of room in the toe box. I wear a thicker MX sock which takes up the extra room and they fit great. Once they pack out, I may have to add an insole too but time will tell. The reason I chose these over getting another pair of SG-10s was that they should theoretically flex less than the SG-10s (more like the SG-12), and the current close out pricing was a no brainer.
  6. Doesn't pull off like an OEM spacer. Seems like it's held on by some kind of clip that I can't find or get to. The white plastic dirt guard doesn't flex much and I can't bend it up much to look under it. WTH ?
  7. jdoc7

    gaerne sg12 vs gaerne sg11

    Really diggin the SG-11's. They seem to have less forward flex than my SG-10's yet are every bit as comfortable.
  8. No worries, that money is still there. Just click on a product to buy and go through the process. You will see your credit in the payment section. I have $100 saved up and it's still there. It doesn't show up under RM cash though.
  9. Looks like RMATV has done away with their frequent buyer program. Now, you get 5% back on each product you buy, called "RM Cash". Because of this, I doubt they will be doing the 10% discount codes anymore. This kinda sucks as I was getting hefty reward bonuses and 10% codes with every order!
  10. jdoc7

    Rim lock

    Assuming you have the stock wheels, it should be 2.15
  11. jdoc7

    Goggles for wide nose

    I like 100% Racecrafts for wider nose fitment
  12. jdoc7

    Poll: are black rims overused?

    Black is harder to care for. Having said that, I love my A60's with Gold Talon carbon/billet hubs
  13. jdoc7

    YZ125 2015/2016 vs. 2006+

    Thanks for the link. It's 4 hours from me but I'll keep it in mind. This is most likely what I will do since I enjoy wrenching almost as much as riding.