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  1. proform

    RIP Ron Hamp

    I miss his post's in Facebook, he taught me so much. He started off as my engine builder and left as my friend
  2. I am friends with Mr. Hamp and he passed away. He was a great guy [emoji3525] His son posted the sad news today on Facebook.
  3. proform

    2019 Beta Suspension options

    Lucky is definitely the way to go. I have installed several sets.
  4. proform

    Cone Valve Vs Huck Valve + Shocks

    The Lucky insert is a great insert. I have installed many sets. Only one insert has position and speed sensitive bottoming control. They are also around 3lbs lighter than most stock set ups
  5. proform

    MXTech Lucky inserts - opinions?

    Where are you located?
  6. proform

    EVO Industries Spring Conversion

    it might not feel different but a rock ding to a tube wont leave you deflated along side the trail
  7. proform

    EVO Industries Spring Conversion

    I have 2 friends with the MX-Tech conversion that love them.
  8. proform

    2007 YZ250F fork lug install?

    I had a fork come into my shop that had the lug completely unscrewed and stripped. This was on a yz426
  9. I have installed two sets and both riders love them. I am wanting to put them in my personal bike now also
  10. proform

    yz125 fork cap removal

    yes you can do it this way without changing the inner fluid. The oil height is actually set by using the oil volume not by setting the height from the top like you would in a open chamber fork, so just make sure you use the correct amount of oil.
  11. I am trying to get a group ride together so I can try out the MXT kits. There are now two people that I know with the kits. I keep you posted.
  12. I will send him a message and see if he has gotten any saddle time.
  13. proform


    I have a question. Has the Dung ever taken the points lead from a rider that did not get injured? I don't remember a time when that has happened. Maybe the pressure of watching his points lead melt away while knowing only a DNF or injury to Tomac is his only real chance is getting to him.
  14. my gas chevy 5.3 has 330,000 miles still gets 16-17mpg. with no real issues.
  15. proform

    What's up with Dungey?

    I am sorry you didn't understand, I will write at the first grade level just for you.