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  1. Soniq7

    Ultimate MX Hauler - first use

    Ive got about 1000 miles on mine. Solid as can be even with the DRZ400s. I do have a safety chain, just in case I have to drag the carcass off the road.
  2. Soniq7

    Free headlight on/off switch mod DRZ400s

    Sorry guys, I work with electricity daily, dont try this if you dont understand. Although I will say that this could easily be accomplished by the shakiest of crackwhores without any real risk. That said, this simple mod has helped me manage my battery on a bike I dont ride very often. I chose this method specifically so I wouldnt have to mod the stock wiring with silly switches and the like. M
  3. Remove your headlight bulb and blow out the low-beam filament by exposing it to 120vac. Re-Install the modified bulb. Now your high-beam switch will function as headlight on/off. No headlight load means more battery current when starting and more charging current when running. M
  4. Soniq7

    Top end noise

    Mines always been somewhat noisy mechanically, to the point where I used to worry. Now I just ride faster to cover the sound...
  5. Soniq7

    New cam break in.

    Thanks! Theyre going in this weekend.
  6. Soniq7

    New cam break in.

    Howdy fellers, Do I need to drain the synthetic oil and refill with Dino oil to break in a new set of E cams? Is there any procedure for camshaft break-in? Thanks in advance, Mikester
  7. Soniq7

    I had a dream...

    Long as your dreaming, you may as well put foot to a$$ for insulting yo ride. Keeping it real boi..
  8. Soniq7

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    Mine. http://photobucket.com/albums/v289/Soniq7/?action=view&current=my400s.jpg
  9. Soniq7

    This Dynojet Kit (install)

    In answer to your question, the factory screw is sealed as per EPA regs to prevent tampering. A lot of new equipment of any type that use carbureted gasoline engines are like this, like my new weed muncher for instance. Most are set up pretty lean because of the clean air laws.
  10. Soniq7

    Case Repair

    Magnesium can be easily welded using GTAW (TIG). There might be some local shops around with this equipment. JB weld will work for a while though.
  11. Soniq7

    Chain vibes on a S model

    My 400S makes a lot of chain noise too. Im not running a countershaft cover, so I figured that was the source of the extra noise. I put on a nice DID xring and sprockets and I swear it got louder! Im running 15/49 gearing which would make the chain speed higher than any stock combo. Ive pretty much decided that everythings OK now, but I still check it often. More gas usually drowns out the chain slap
  12. Soniq7

    I want a cheap hp mod

    If it was me: 3x3 mod: dynajet kit E base gasket hotcam intake free flow cap for stock exhaust That would be less than $300. If you have not changed gearing from the stock S 15/44 you can also drop to a 14t counter for another $15. This combo will really wake up the S.
  13. Sorry you guys are having trouble, my EB carb has worked GREAT right from the get go. I will share one thing I found tho. The hose that goes from the breather box to the air boot was interfering with the throttle wheel idle stop at WOT. Simply put, the throttle would not open all the way because it was being stopped by the hose. Since the stock breather box doesnt fit well with this carb already, I decided to scrap it and fab my own. That was the only problem Ive had to date. MDog
  14. Soniq7

    Edelbrock Carbs Good Or Bad??

    Mine runs great! Its a simple, bulletproof carb, very easy to install and tune. It ran well right out of the box, all I had to do was lean it out a few clicks and its perfect. I did fab up a new breather tank because the stock unit did not fit to my liking and I didnt want to replace the tank with the cheesy hose arrangement that comes with the carb. Other than that, the kit has everything you need except the boot/clamp from Suzuki.
  15. Soniq7

    Ca loophole for E model street legal

    I dont know if this will work if the bike has been previously registered as a red sticker unit.