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  1. tinkerer1

    XR400R OEM Speedo and cable looking to buy

    I need a stock odo, please PM me if you have one. Thanks
  2. tinkerer1

    Chilly's Baja 500 Preview

    You saved me the math, nice work.
  3. tinkerer1

    Chilly's Baja 500 Preview

    Quite a side show.
  4. tinkerer1

    Oh, s#*t! HELP, please

    A crying shame. No easy answers, find the parts. Take it apart as far as you have to, which may be a lot. learn to listen to those banging noises ~:-0
  5. tinkerer1

    BAJA 500 WIKILEAK- New Sections for 2013

    For sure!
  6. Learn to at least check valves yourself. If you need to adjust, you could get help then to boost confidence and learn.
  7. tinkerer1

    08 450 exc-r White smoke

    White smoke usually means coolant getting into places it doesn't belong...cracks or headgasket are typical sources.
  8. tinkerer1

    Rear brake issues

  9. tinkerer1

    XR 400 breathing problems

    Add an inline fuel filter too
  10. tinkerer1

    XR400 sand dunes question

    Yes, fear the salt water not the sand. If you hit the water, gentle wash and wd on that chain- today, not tomorrow.
  11. tinkerer1

    Getting rid of the auto decomp...

    Ensure you have adequate valve clearance first. Loss of resistance could be worn topend, low compression. To remove the acr, remove the cam, and take it off. I believe on most models the oil hole needs to be welded up - do a search on it. I'd just install a stage 1 or 2 hotcam and be done. They have no provision for acr.
  12. tinkerer1

    XR400 sand dunes question

    352, agreed. I've run many bikes, including XRs thru dunes, beaches and endless sand washes for many yrs. I do all my own service, and never saw a grain of sand inside a lubricated component.
  13. tinkerer1

    XR400 sand dunes question

    Just don't want to provoke someone with delusions of adequacy. I've owned 4 XRs, riden in many forms of sand, and serviced every major component- if anyone wants factual detail, PM me.
  14. I think if it was badly cracked you'd see oil making its way out.