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    humming brake rotors on my DR350se

    What you might be hearing is air escaping from the vents in the discs. Kinda makes a buzzing sound when you're on the brakes. If so, no problem.
  2. joneeez

    Other high mileage DR's?

    Great post Doug! IMO this is what bikes are truly for, the adventure and expriences they can provide. Most of the time the destination is not important. Even if you're just commuting to work you can find ways to make it interesting. I found that if I start to work 20 minutes early I can squeeze in a 15 minute dirt session through the riverbed between two towns. After leaving mud all over the parking lot I was given my own special parking space out back of the shop! Personally, I think it was envy. Anyway, your post lists all the same reasons I chose the DR. I think Kawie was trying to make a BMW with the KLR only not as well built. They also had some valvetrain problems. At $1500 more than the DR, the XR400 was also out. At the time they were too new and unprooven to justify that kind of cash and all the 650's were just too big to be ridden on anything other than dirt roads. So now I have a '94 DR350SER with 144,000 miles and I plan on riding it with just regular maintenance until something breaks or it's so worn out it just won't go any farther! Anyone want to buy a 250,000 mile DR in a few years? P.S. offroading a KZ650? Hmmm . A work buddy wants to buy my beater Yam XS1100 to put a hack on it and tour the Nevada desert. He says he needs the hack to carry fuel and supplies and his dog! I guess it's no worse than those masochists in Motorcyclist riding a Hon CX500 around the world. 17 years through 98 countries!
  3. joneeez

    Dr350S questions help?

    My tried and true method is to pull the decomp lever (which slightly opens the exhaust valve) and slowly kick it untill the lever pops back out meaning you're on the ex. stroke, then kick it hard. This seems to work well hot or cold (choke it if it's cold.) If you've just dropped it and you think it might be flooded, first, look around to see if anyone saw you fall, pull the decomp and fluff it through for a bit, then repeat above ritual. On a properly tuned bike this works every time for me. By starting on the ex. stroke you can get enough momentum going that the flywheels do all the work carying the piston through compression and there's less chance of an ankle busting kickback.
  4. joneeez

    Other high mileage DR's?

    Doug, at 140,000 mine's still pushing 160psi compression on the original rings. Sounds like yours is just broke in not broken, so why spend the money to "have it freshened up" unless you plan on doing performance mods (hmmm! ) Just do the maintenance and RIDE IT! You've got a good start already, so keep it up, and just RIDE IT!
  5. joneeez

    Handlebar alignment/chain lube

    Actually, the method is not much different. Just loosen the pinch bolts on the triple clamps a little and do just like your BMX. On some bikes the handle bars are rubber mounted which will allow the bars to twist in the mounts. As for lube, anything will do if used regularly. Also, keep it clean. Chain lubes can hold dust and dirt that will eat the o-rings. A good degreaser and brush will do. Don't use a pressure washer on the chain, it will force water past the o-rings. I'm kinda partial to Maxima, it's fully synthetic and sprays on easily. They also have a good degreaser.
  6. joneeez

    dr350 jetting

    I tried the "washer on the needle" trick and my beast would barely run, so I wouldn't recommend it, the stock needle is just all wrong. That's when I decided that I know alot less about jetting than dynojet does! My kit came with 4 main jets (DJ sizes 124, 128, 136, and 140) a jet needle(DJ #DNO308, with the e-clip #3 from the top) and all the clips, washers, and drill needed to do the job. Oh, and most importantly, detailed instructions! I tried the 136 main first but it was too rich so I went to the 128. The airbox is uncut and the exhaust is stock so my setting won't work for you, but you can see there's plenty of jets to play with. Riding around, I can't find a flat spot anywhere in the rev band. 95% of the improvement was in the lower 3/4 of the throttle, right where I needed it most! It's not a GSXR but there's enough on tap to get me into plenty of trouble. Best thing about the stock parts is it's quiet enough that the fun police leave you alone. Unless you've rescently wrecked and are missing two turn signals and a license plate. No officer I would NEVER ride where I'm not supposed to. Never did find that damn plate.
  7. joneeez

    DR 200 Running problem

    May be something as simple as poor fuel tank venting. Have her pop the gas cap next time. If it runs fine after that then look for a pinched vent line or blockage in the charcoal canister system. Since it runs ok with the enrichener on, that says it's running lean, so the valves are ok. Your guess with the water is also a possibility. Find the drain on the bottom of the carb and open it. Try to catch it in a container so you can see if water is present. Water, being heavier than gas, will seek the lowest part of the fuel system, your carb. Also, install an inline fuel filter, they may not catch all the water, but if there is any present, you can see it in the filter. Hopefully this doesn't sour her on riding motorcycles and she keeps at it! P.S. Does she have a sister? I'm tired of having to carry a woman and all her "stuff" on the back of my bikes. I need one that'll ride her own damn bike.
  8. joneeez

    Faulty starter mechanism...

    I think what they're talking about is the starter clutch. It's located between the mag and the crankcase. It is a ring gear with rollers and springs in it aranged so that it freewheels when the engine is running. When you hit the starter the springs push the rollers up a ramp and lock them against the crank. Once the engine starts, the rollers are pushed backwards and are disengaged. Anyway, long story short, sounds like the ring may be weak and when the engine spins backwards (as may happen in a backfire) it could split the ring. Since there is little room in the cases, broken parts could be forced through them. This is also the same part that make that loud "whack" when you lug down and kill your bike. Most of the time you'll even hear the starter whirr as it is spun backwards!
  9. joneeez

    dr350 jetting

    I see you've finally settled on a bike (and a good choice I might add!) The problem is not just in the jetting but in the needle too. The taper is all wrong. Earlier this year I installed a jet kit from Moose (relabelled dynojet?) for $60 bought through Parts Unlimited. I went by their instructions and it worked beautifully. The kit comes with stages 1 and 2 so it can be installed with stock or aftermarket ex. and airbox. Or put it in with stock stuff and as you upgrade you have enough jets to keep it running right. I didn't even pull the carb out just loosen the clamps and twist the carb till you can pull the bowl and drill the mixture cap them turn it the other way to pull the slide. Almost too easy!
  10. joneeez

    IMS 4.9 Gas Tank

    Parts unlimited lists them for $241.95. I've had one since '96. Bought it the day after I bought the bike (75 mi. round trip to work + 2.1 gal. fuel tank...you do the math.) It has seen the usual offroad and onroad abuse and, except for one gas cap, remains in service. I would suggest rinsing it out before you use it and installing an inline filter. I did neither and ended up with machined plastic bits stuck in the float needle.
  11. joneeez

    Please help me decide!

    See, that's the fantastic thing about motorcycling. It's such an individual sport that there's really no right answer to "what is the perfect bike." If it gets your rocks off, then ride it! I sometimes ride places I shouldn't be, so being tied to a support truck is a MAJOR incovenience that has seen my bike impounded twice! The fun police just sit by your truck and wait. But if you ride at a proper riding area trucks are great. They hold all your gear, your food and drink, and there's nothing like turning on the A/C after a long hot ride. So whatever it takes to get people to ride I'm all for! The thing that makes me most ill are 10 year old bikes perfectly polished with 2000 miles on them sitting in the back of a truck. Sad. Just ride it dammit! Oh, and the thing about the Volusia(my neighbor just got one and I'm jealous)...jus me being a smartass.
  12. joneeez

    Flat Spot

    $60 for a jet kit from Parts Unlimited with stage 1 and 2 settings included. Stage 1 is for stock bikes and does a fantastic job of addressing the screwed up stock jetting. I've seen upwards of 5 mpg improvement with these kits and easy roll-on wheelies! Increasing the main jet doesn't always make your mileage worse. With proper jetting the motor will run more efficiently allowing you to run the same speed but with less throttle. I've put a DR350 on an exhaust analyzer with stock jetting and did a top gear roll-on. The meter went from rich to lean three times before redline. After the jet kit the needle stayed right around midpoint. Try it, run your bike 65mph flat ground no wind and mark the grip. Install the jet kit and run it again. You'll find that you use less throttle for the same speed!
  13. joneeez

    91 DR650 just had first service,Still has top end noise!

    Also, don't forget to check the balancer chain adjustment. Just because the noise SOUNDS like it's top end doesn't mean it is. The dr350's are gear driven and mine sounds like a rod knocking sometimes!
  14. joneeez

    Strongly considering trading for dr350

    yater, you read the high mileage posts, my 140k miles isn't enough? Several trips have seen 400 or more tick off on the odo in a day.
  15. joneeez

    Please help me decide!

    Personally I say get the 350. I was inspired to get mine when I read of an old guy (72 yr old!) that did the four corners tour in a week on a '92. That's the farthest corners of the lower 48 states! Mine is geared for dirt so it runs 7000rpm @ 70mph. It has done this for 100k miles with regular service, so I don't think highway miles are going to bother the motor too much. P.S. Avoid the older klr's they like to eat valve trains. I've rebuilt several after they've worn through the cam or valves. P.P.S. I don't think I would recomend a Volusia for fire trails or Baja roads, unless you adjust the ride height and maybe some forks from an RM.