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    KLX/DRZ125 rear shock compatibility?

    No mods required to run the cr shock. It will increase the height of the back of the bike. If you are running any of the inverted mx forks it will balance the bike out nicely. If your running stock forks the bike will sit "stink buggish" with the rear being taller then the front. I have heard of people having to remove the chain roller to get the shock to fit. I just put the res. On the other side?

    Rm 85 17" wheel and disc brakes on small 125

    The "L" model hub and RM hubs are exactly the same. The only difference is the size of the rotor.
  3. Wouldn't the lower center of gravity of a drz be better? RMs sit alot higher. This is just an idea as I have never done this style of racing. But I know with flat track the first thing you do to a mx bike is lower it. Just a thought

    DRZ125 Only runs with choke on

    Suzuki didn't send the bike out with a giant flaw. Running the motors lean is an easy way to keep the e.p.a happy. Woods rider gave you some good advice! If after 7 years of running the valves are on the loose side that's a good thing! (As valves wear, they get tighter, not looser) sounds like your headed in a good direction and are learning a ton about bike maintenance. She will be purring like a kitten in no time

    Forkety boots

    I'll try and get them shipped in the next day or two. Wifes out of town so I'm playing the role of dad and mom.

    Forkety boots

    I have a set. Send me your info and I'll mail them out

    Forkety boots

    Before you buy let me look....I'm sure I probably have a set you can have. Pay shipping and they are yours. Now I just need to find them....

    peg options 07 drz 125l

    As I recall the rm 85 pegs should be a direct bolt on. No mods needed

    2006 DRZ 125 Kickstarter problem

    Pop off the side cover and check the return spring. It's right behind the kickstarter

    New here with a 2003 DR-Z 125L

    Depending on the shape of the bike $1000 is about the going price. For a bike that old it would have to be super nice and low hours. The only real difference between yours and a newer version is plastics and aluminum rims

    DR200/KTM chassis project, need manual info

    Awesome! I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the durability of this modded setup. The durability is almost unbelievable.

    Another drz 125l conversion question.

    The only real difference between the two fenders is that the drz fender is cut higher in the back to allow air to get the the motor. Based on that you should be able to pick up an rm85 fender for less then half the price of a stock drz fender. And if your gonna cut on it anyways......sounds like a rm85 fender is the way to go!

    Question for the 143cc/61mm guys

    You should be fine with that spec as long as the crank has not been/will not be stroked to change the angle of attack from the crank to the piston

    2004 KLX\DRZ 125L rim swap?

    Yes, I think there are lots of guys who have done that. The steel rims on the early models really suck. BBR used to sell aftermarket rims for this bike. You can probably still find some floating around. At this point they would probably be fairly reasonably prices as well.

    anyone know where i can buy 2 spokes.....

    I will have to check with a friend of mine to see if he has any laying around.....I can find some installing them is simple. For the price of a tire change (should be about $20) you should be able to have them installed. Actually, for the shops around here, they charge 10 to take off a tire, and 10 to put it on...all you have to do is break the bead, slip the new nipple in and thread the spoke through.....so actually it could be even cheaper. Ill ask my friend. Often times the local bike shop will have extra single spokes lying around. If they do you should be able to take them the hub and have them match something up for you.