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  1. Yeah thanks mate that's what I'm thinking I'll use the 08 head, I've already put the 08 gearbox into my 07 cases and basically everything in the cases , hopefully the inlet seat can be repaired
  2. I have 2 cylinder heads that look good , the 07 head has a few pits/gouges from snapped valve/cracked piston that will file out ok with decent looking valve seats and the 08 head is clean but has one not so great inlet valve seat, I am wondering if the 08 head is OK to use as this was my first choice but I'm not so sure on the seat or is the 07 head with a few gouges cleaned up the way to go, in the pics it looks like the gouges have damaged the seats on the 07 head but they haven't , I will be putting new stainless inlet valves and springs in and bronze guides on the inlet side and reusing the stock exhaust valves and springs with a stock 07 250r cam in whichever head is better , just after some opinions before I send both to the reconditioning shop for their opinion thanks
  3. 14gon

    Nolan n53

    Yeah I know they did road bike helmets and they're supposed to be pretty good , I think I'll buy cos it's real comfy and very light, I'll give it a go
  4. 14gon

    Nolan n53

    Anyone ?
  5. 14gon

    Nolan n53

    Hi has anyone had any experience with Nolans new N53 motocross helmet? I tried one on today at the RTCB aratula ride (in Brisbane Australia) and was really comfortable and fit very well, these are extremely light helmets , Nolan quotes 1.300g , I can get one here new for $210 aud, just want some feedback if anyone has any thanks
  6. 14gon

    Anyone use steg pegz?

    Very good product imho, a lot of guys here in Australia use them, I had them on my old 2013 wr450 and found them great for standing up riding, a lot more control but now on my crf450x I don't have them and stand up more so I'd say they are good for a control thing but not essential
  7. Yeah I told my mate he was very lucky it didn't grenade, the head is getting sent to Serco for new valves and full recondition/check over so it'll be good, I have a good stock cam and buckets off a spare motor I have so I'll use them in it , new piston to stock specs will be used aswell , cheers
  8. Hi everyone I am rebuilding the top end on my mates 250r and I noticed the cam , bucket and shim are marked like they have been hot or so, I'm assuming this isn't normal but is the cam now wrecked? It still feels smooth but I'm not sure, also I might replace the bucket as I have a spare parts motor , he was told the piston is a custom $350 piston imported from the U.S is this true? There is no brand name on the piston or is it a Honda piston and am I lucky I stripped it in time judging by the valve indents on the piston, all your help will be greatly appreciated thanks
  9. 14gon

    Indicators and horn not working ?

    Anyone else got any ideas ?
  10. 14gon

    Rm125 vin

    95 models have different plastics etc, I know it's either a 96-97 but just want to confirm the vin , annoying bloody vin lol
  11. 14gon

    Rm125 vin

    Na it's not a 2000 man I don't think the 10th rule applies to this bike, 2000 model had upside down forks not conventional and these are the right forks for the bike
  12. 14gon

    Rm125 vin

    Hi I have what I think is either a 1996-1998 model rm125 but I can't find any info on the vin , with the 10th number being 0 I'm lost , can someone tell the year of my rm please , here's some pics as well if it helps thanks in advance Vin-JS1RE15A000500201
  13. 14gon

    ADR Wiring diagram 450x 2008 PLEASE

    All good Marty I ended up getting one through Honda at Springwood mate , thanks bud
  14. 14gon

    Indicators and horn not working ?

    Haha tried that no luck