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    Lead Technician/ Engineer for the JGR MX team.

    ASE Certified Master Tech for Yamaha, Ferrari and Porsche.

    Owner of a Industry Leading Motocross Machine Shop.

    05 YZ250 295 Eric Gorr big bore kit. Mo Betta Porting, 2007 SSS supension
    06 YZ450f Athena 478 big bore kit with Hot Cams and porting
    06 yz450f practice bike
    06 wr450f supermoto
    02 YZ85- Eric Gorr 105 big bore- Revalved and resprung suspension for 190 lb adult. Amazing Adult play bike!
    Nitrous R1 set up for drag racing @ 207 Whp
    2012 r1 street bike
    06 r1 setup for the street

    1966 corvette stingray couple 396 big block 4 speed ac power brakes power steering
    2012 corvette ZR1

    NMCA Race Car- 1969 Camaro race car 830 cubic inches@2200 horsepower on motor- 3100 HP on the bottle. All with a Lenco 5 speed

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  1. NitrousR1

    Any luck with Smart Performance?

    I’m running a Ti 5.3 shock spring on my 06 yz450 with 33 static sag and 105 race sag. I’ve tried the stock 5.5 and a 5.1, but the static sag was slightly off with both of those so I settled with the 5.3. I run .44 fork springs also.
  2. NitrousR1

    Any luck with Smart Performance?

    I only ride woods. It feels like a rebound kick cuz it’s a vertical kick and not swapping side to side like compression. I’ve tried everything on compression from as little as 5 40.2 shims to .25 thickness shims and all .20 thick shims. Even running as small as a 20mm clamp shim. I even tried a Factory connection high speed comp spring, and Dave’s modified adjuster shim stack. I’m thinking it’s rebound. Stock stacks are unrideable for me and throw me off the seat. I’ve tried from 1-4 36.3 shims on rebound so far
  3. NitrousR1

    Any luck with Smart Performance?

    Thanks guys. I’ve always had a problem with the rear kicking up over bigger rocks and roots. The 3stage stack does sound confusing cuz it would be tough to further tune with and adjust
  4. NitrousR1

    Any luck with Smart Performance?

    Thank you. I’ve ran as many as 4x 36.3 shims but never 7. What do you guys consider a good medium? He was telling me that he’s been running 3 stage compression stacks and modifying the exchange stack
  5. NitrousR1

    Thanks Dave J- Smart Performance!!!

    Hello guys I purchased his fork kit for my 06 yz450 for woods riding and I love it!, but he forgot to send my shock kit. I haven’t been able to contact him for a few months. Now it shows how bad the Shock really is. Can anyone help by sending me their Shock setup- I don’t mind paying for it either Thanks for your help Ryan
  6. NitrousR1

    Any luck with Smart Performance?

    Can anyone share their kyb Shock valving with me? I purchased his fork kit and love it for my 06 yz450 but he forgot to send my shock kit and I haven’t been able to get ahold of him in months. Thanks guys! I’d gladly pay you for it
  7. NitrousR1

    Smart Performance YZ shock info needed

    He was saying that he went to 3 stage stacks when I initially talked to him. And he said I can use the KYB K2C Shock oil I allready have. He said it’s a shim shuffle with no proprietary parts. But now he’s a ghost even though I’m a paying customer, I’ve done maybe 5 revalves and it’s still not perfect. I’d like to try his setup to match the forks and see how it feels, if I don’t like it I can always try another revalve. I’ve tried his additional 36.3 rebound face shims and do like it for woods riding. I’ve tried anywhere from 2-4 additional shims and stiff to really soft .2 compression shims. I also tried his comp adjuster shim stack to be softer as well as a factory connection high speed spring. I’d be curious how your guys woods stacks look
  8. Hey Guys does anyone have one of dave's Shock Setups for a 06-up YZ? I have a 06 YZ450 for B class woods riding and im 180 lbs. Id gladly send you some money for the info cuz ive been trying to purchase one of his shock kits for a few months but havent been able to get ahold of him through calls- tests and emails. I know its pretty much a shim stack and a low friction piston band. I purchased his whole fork set up- the Dual Dell Taco midvalve kit- EPNP springs and the clover shims and I love the way it handles, but he forgot to send me the shock kit with it and now that the fork feels good it just shows how the shock isn't up to par despite multiple revalves, i just want it to match the forks
  9. NitrousR1

    Gas Leaking @ Idle Screw ?

    I have the same leak on my yz85. That keihin 28mm PWK doesn’t have a o-ring on the fuel screw so there is a small leak there. I looked up the parts diagram and it doesn’t show one but I was thinking of adding one because it does get annoying. Is that the same carb on your bike
  10. Harris in setting up the midvalve valve stack. Is it ok that I run the 20.1 face shims? The factory uses a 17.3 check plate shim, the 17.3 covers the piston port nicely. Would the 20mm be too big? Thanks for all your help
  11. NitrousR1

    How much should I sell my bike for?

    I live in PA and that's a $2000 bike, you can ask for more because it's been rebuilt and the majority of craigslist bikes arnt. I'd ask $2300 for it and take $2000 I'm in harrisburg pa I recently sold a 2002 yz250f for $2200 A 2005 yz250 bored to 265cc's for $2500 A 2004 yz450 for $2100 I bought my 2006 yz450 for 2200 All the bikes were just rebuilt and excellent condition And most importantly thanks for your service
  12. NitrousR1

    Think I blew my top end

    This is going to sound stupid but make sure the spark plug is still there and didn't loosen or fall out. Pull that cylinder and see what's going on
  13. NitrousR1

    [Q] yz80 exhaust

    The quietest muffler FMF makes for the yz85 is the Q. It is quieter but very restrictive. I notice a significant power increase going from the Q to my powercore 2. But the powercore 2 is significantly louder
  14. NitrousR1

    yz450 big bore over heating

    That's a old wives tale from the 70's when they started fading out leaded fuel. Plug chops work just as well with unleaded fuels. We tune our cars on the dyno before each race with wideband air/fuel sensors on each cylinder and read the plugs after each pass. You can read any jetting changes off the plug each pass. I can then look at the data logger from each pass and verify the air fuel ratio. We plug read as a backup to verify the A/F Sensors are OK and not melt down a $30,000 engine. This is the same for leaded or unleaded fuels.
  15. NitrousR1

    My brakes are garbage.

    The CRF front brake swap is the best thing you can do for the YZ brakes. Get the whole setup, master cylinder-hose-caliper and run honda pads. The 08-up Honda lever and master uses a linkage to apply pressure to the master piston. I run a 08 and 10 CRF450 front brake setup on my bikes. The pads are the same for the CRF250 and crf450. The pads are a nice upgrade but the master makes a big difference.