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  1. freeride7

    first valve check on a 450

    You intakes need replacement. They do go well before the exhaust do. I did 3 valve jobs on my old 04 Crf 450..and just did one on a 05 crf 250x. No issues on my 06 so far... The feeler should slip in with some slight resistance...if it isn't, the valves are zeroed....replace them. A reshim will only get you a few more rides ( Believe me, I tried the quick fix and my 7 day ride in Baja Mexico ended on day 6!! )
  2. freeride7

    Tell me she's OK

    awwww, your SMRT and cute. Mullet...thats a good one... yup, told you to buy a quad.
  3. freeride7

    Tell me she's OK

    Hey Nova Scotia boy...get your head out of your a#$...your giving Canada a bad name. You asked the questions, no take the feedback. If you dont like it, sell the bike and buy a quad.
  4. freeride7


    July's issue of Dirtbike has a CRF 450 top end rebuild which will help. Also do a search on this site and somewhere there is a pic by pic of a valve shimming job on a CRF 250 I beleive. Cam tower assembly is a little different but close enough. T
  5. freeride7

    Bike won't start!

    I agree valves. One day 1-2 kicks...middle of a ride 20 + kicks....my valves were .000...clapped right out. Just installed the new ones last night, 1 kick and it fired, runs like new.
  6. freeride7

    First Valve Clearance results

    Had the same problem when I checked mine at the start of the season....leave them. The exhaust are fine...HOWEVER, pay close attention to the intakes. Mine were good start of the season and I just replaced them after about 10 rides....they were done!!
  7. freeride7

    450R won't start or idle

    yup. Just happenned to me. Took my head off and my intake valves were shot. Hammered into the seats, no clearence. I would check your valve clearences. My bike did the identical thing...wouldn't idle, ran lousy, hard starting. T
  8. freeride7

    Crf is hard to start...HELP PLEASE

    Just went through this with 04. One day starting fine, then brutal to start. So I took off my valve cover and checked my valves. Intakes were hammerred into the seats...no clearence. Tore apart the top end....intakes were bad!! I checked them 8 rides ago and they were bang on...when they go, they go. Putting new intakes in tonight. T
  9. freeride7

    05 crf450r rad guard recommendations?

    I glanced off a tree branch this weekend and it ripped my rad in half lenghtwise from bottom to top. I was running the Works Connection guards. They may be ok for side impacts, not worth much for front impacts. I have a few pics of it, how do I attach...I am having troubles. Thanks T