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  1. hondaman331

    Husky vs ktm300. Fuel injection vs carb?

    Harescrambles are an excellent, fun and rewarding place to start. Level 0-infinity and beyond for classes.
  2. hondaman331

    2017 300 xc lost power, boggy. Need help.

    I will say reeds chipped or broke, or you need to get that carb sonic dipped. Did you go a long period of time with no riding?
  3. hondaman331

    Husky vs ktm300. Fuel injection vs carb?

    Absolutely right. Love the 2019 tx300, i race track and harescrambles, ride woods and track. I am very serious when i say the 2019 tx300 is the best handling bike ive ever rode. Engine is strong, hardware second to none. Id let the tpi get a bit more advanced before i would bite.
  4. hondaman331

    2019 KTM 300XC Must Have Mods

    Fix these, use stock jetting, ride bike. Very solid machine, i have 25 hours on my 19 tx300, i have zero idea how i have made it this far in life without this bike!
  5. hondaman331

    Jetting / spooge

    Turn air screw in while running at operating temps, turn it in all the way until bike almost dies then back out until it hits the highest rpm it will. Then turn it back in an 1/8th turn. If you are over 2 or so turns out you need a smaller pilot. If you are less then a turn out you need a bigger pilot. Needle is seat of pants and i feel the main is too, go leaner on main until you feel top end suffer, revs fast but lack power, then go up a size, 2 if its gonna be deep sand. Those are the thumbs on my rules.
  6. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    Fedex did delay a different item for my son from the nfl shop after a snow storm....for over a week. It was pretty stupid
  7. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    Fedex isnt very good around here now that i said something at work. Apparently it is a problem. I get lots of usps or ups so i didnt think fedex was any different. Im not mad at anyone, hell i got a ride in yesterday, just sucked. Moving on....and as i have maintained with rmatv and on this, i have done a lot of business with rmatv and i have never had anything except great things to say. I use them more then my sponsored discounts. Its a good company....just wish i lived down the road from them!
  8. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    Incorrect, i work. The rmatv stuff is going back as i ordered from my local dealer the stuff a guy in this thread gave me part numbers for. A one day delay....i was told by both rmatv and fedex there was nothing that could be done unless i signed which never did happen. "Is not bad" doesnt apply when the vendors say there is no getting around something. When i get told on a tuesday its coming one more time to get signed for by fedex, and rmatv told me they cancelled the order and its on the way back to them, one says its policy the other does not. You have a failure to communicate at that point. In the end, all that circle jerking and both were wrong.
  9. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    Yes, exactly what you said is what was said to me. I think rmatv just needs a new delivery service
  10. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    They came yesterday, opened my garage and set it in there. It obviously got sorted out between fedex and rmatv, now im semding it back to rmatv on ups because i already ordered the same stuff and am picking it up myself today.
  11. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    I dont believe i have said this is rmatvs fault. I dont believe i have used the word fault the entire time. What i said was fedex is saying rmatv has changed a policy. Rmatv said they did not. Ive gotten plenty of clues in life??.... anyways, rocky mountains response to fedex obviously changed the situation so it is open for debate on who screwed the pooch. The important thing is this ISNT rmatvs policy, so it all boils down to a bad but cheap carrier, im sure on the scales of corporate america there is allowances for that.
  12. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    Thats some shit. How does something like that pass? Its one job- deliver package. You would think they could handle it, though i personally have never had a bad experience with ups
  13. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    Im a rough carpenter by trade, until im done there isnt anything there to ship to! They usually domt get an address while im there either.
  14. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    I can safely say i only have to deal with fedex when i buy from rmatv. Everything else is ups or usps.
  15. hondaman331

    Rocky mountain

    I have done that. They just kept telling me it isnt their policy....fedex says it was. In the end it came despite everyone telling me it wouldnt, ive already ordered from elsewhere so i can send back or sell this stuff. They need to ditch fedex and go with a reputable delivery service. Local ups and usps fellas know me, my dog and where i like my stuff put.