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  1. coloradorockin

    Why the quad hatred?

    I rode dirtbikes for the last 40 years or so and have all the 2 wheel skill in the world but I know own a quad because of the constant backaches the dirt bike was giving me. I now ride a quad because I did not want to give up going into the mountians and seeing the scenery that both a quad and a bike can give you. I see stupid people all the time/ no helmets beer in hand and little respect for there suroundings and have to say that most of them are on a quad. I can only do what I feel is right in my old (a little wiser) age and assume that the darwin thingie will take care of the stupies. I never ride on single trails and respect all riders whether on 2 wheels or 4. Quads selling at the rate of 4 to 1 vrses bikes is going to continue and it does absolutely no good for the 2 wheeler versus the 4 wheeler thing, any closures are going to affect both regardless so In my opinion it is time that we bury the hatchet (and no not in each other) and work together for the common goal of keeping the riding areas open.
  2. coloradorockin

    Burned, can you explain this?

    If you are running knobby dirt tires instead of smooth street tires your reading will probably be about 5 hp on the low side
  3. coloradorockin

    01 DRZ400S stock jetting advice

    I took the snorkle out and replaced the stock end cap with a billet tip and it cleared up the stutter and surge. Not sure how many miles ya have on it but at the very least remove your end cap and see if the screen insert is starting to get clogged which would reduce exhaust flow...
  4. coloradorockin

    internet scammers on TT be carefull

    Well the first response to my drz 400 i put in the TT section is a scammer. It came from yahoo in the UK and reads as follows....Hello, We have a client interested in your (2004 DRZ S) for the sum of ($3,800 ).Please do get back to us at your earliest convenience,also send available pictures. Have a nice day. Regards Carl Richards They have changed there format a little but a scam none the less. I did send him a friendly go F*** yourself back. Its an amazing world we live in..... Clark
  5. coloradorockin

    Selling my bike

    Thanks for the kind words/thoughts Slide. The invitation still stands to come up here and ride,,of course i will be on a dreaded ATV but I refuse to stop getting to the top of these mountians out here. If my back ever does get 100% I will get another dirt bike for sure.
  6. coloradorockin

    Selling my bike

    Well my back just can't take it anymore so I am selling my 2004 drzs. Seems if I want to keep riding I will have to get one of those damn ATVs. Really sucks because I really do like this puppy. Please go to the classified if interested http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showcat.php?cat=2
  7. coloradorockin

    Rocky Mountain high

    You aint in Kansan anymore,,,,LOL quite a change and some of the best most scenic riding anywhere in the country. Great pic, hope ya had fun and come visit us anytime....
  8. coloradorockin

    terraflex tires and klr

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to put a terraflex on a KLR 600 it is a late 80s model I believe. Its a friends bike. If anyone can help me out before we mount this beast and find out it don't fit I would certainly appreciate it. Need to know if it fits....Thanx
  9. coloradorockin

    Terraflex's cheap!

    are those the type 2 or the type 1,,,,one is dot approved and the other one isn't, I am assuming they are the type1 as i just got a type 2 for i think 65 bucks
  10. coloradorockin

    Satellite Imagery of Trails

    Here is a great sight totally free that you can download and works like a champ, includes topo converssion etc as well as zoom and is interactive. http://jdmcox.com/ Clark
  11. coloradorockin

    Rear deathwing for shipping

    Deathwing has been spoken for, as in no longer available...
  12. coloradorockin

    Rear deathwing for shipping

    I have a deathwing with about 100 miles on it if someone can use it. It is the rear tire only and want to give it to someone who will really use it, not turn around and sell it. It can be had for the cost of shipping so if anyone wants it just PM me. Clark
  13. coloradorockin

    Trailer Hitch - Specs, and anyone use Uhaul?

    I have a class 1 on my acura TL and it is 2000 lb pull with a 200 tongue weight. It works great with 1 or 2 bikes no problem. Run it at 70 to 90 mph with absolutely no issues.
  14. coloradorockin

    Good Battery=Happy MXJ

    Mxjunky is talking on behalf of mxjunky,,,don't see what the problem is here
  15. coloradorockin

    FREE Deathwings

    I always thought that if you were a (Fullborewhore) you didn't have to use the MR. in front of it when addressing