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  1. starsandbars

    Anyone who rides a off road vehicle PLEASE read

    Done, we are in 3rd now
  2. starsandbars

    What was your first bike?

    2008 yz450f when i was 7
  3. I was riding my (new to me) 06 yz250f last year and was going down a road that hooked up with a trail, there was a curve that i came into wide open in fifth. Well they did some weird patching to the road and my ass end started sliding out, and there was a dodge cummins pulling a trailer coming around the curve as well. My back tire was on the yellow line and i was very close to the trailer. The bike stayed up and we didnt touch but it sure scared the hell out of me.
  4. starsandbars

    Tracks in pa

    Thanks for the help
  5. starsandbars

    Tracks in pa

    I live in lancaster pa and i cant seem to find a good track, anyone know of any? Thanks
  6. starsandbars

    asv lever adjust bolt

    I had the same problem, never found a new one
  7. starsandbars


    Very helpful, thanks
  8. starsandbars


    Best all around supermoto?
  9. starsandbars

    Shirt under jersey?

    What do you wear under your jersey, or nothing at all?
  10. starsandbars

    Why do you ride?

    When i ride all my stresses disappear
  11. starsandbars

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke what do you guys think?

    Looking to get a new bike, i was on a 250f. What are Pros and cons of each?
  12. starsandbars


    I ride in trevorton ( its all coal dirt) and when washing my bike i noticed these black spots all over the motor and frame so i tried washing them off but it didnt come off. I also tried purple power and a tooth brush but they are still there. Any ideas? Thanks