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  1. crbid

    Super Sherpa vs. KLR250?

    The super sherpa has rear disc brakes (better), the klr250 has a rear drum. The sherpa has an electric start, the klr250 does not. The sherpa is air cooled (fins on the DOHC help cool better as part of the engineering), the klr250 is water cooled. Your call on this one, but I think the air cooled is lower maintenance and better for crashes, if you don't have a rad. The sherpa has 6 gears, and does very nicely riding the small highways, the klr250 I'm not sure. I pretty sure the sherpa is a little lower in height. I think the sherpa is a much better bike. I have owned a KLR650 and DRZ400s. I now own a sherpa. Not as much power, but not near as poor as you would suspect. I think the decision comes down to a couple key things. The KLR250 has a better suspension. If you ride hard and fast in the woods, then the KLR250 or KLX300 is a better choice. The other thing is the riders own size. I think anyone over 5'10", should look at a different bike than the sherpa and if you're over 200lbs, 300-400cc's and up big fella. my 2cents.
  2. crbid

    DR 650 or KLR 650

    I owned a KLR650 and DRZ400S but was searching for a small dual sport this time around. I took a look at the DR650, it is a very nice looking bike. I think I'd go DR650, if I was going 650 this year. My 2cents, Chris
  3. I am having a similar experience on a small dual sport, following my prior bikes, a DRZ400S and KLR650. my page
  4. Another vote for the Super Sherpa. The DR350 would be too heavy. The DR200 would also be good, but not as much power. Just as is said above, the Sherpa has front and rear disc brakes (not all bikes have this), electric start, its light, and has 6 gears, so easy highway driving. Just one warning, you'll also like riding the Sherpa. My Sherpa page www3.sympatico.ca/crbid
  5. Thanks. I intend on doing the 1000 Km checkup with the dealer, where they change the oil and check the valves. Normally, I do do most maintenance myself. BTW. Gas prices the way they are, this might be my primary vehicle for the summer! Cheers
  6. I have started a page on my impressions of the Kawasaki Super Shera. www3.sympatico.ca/crbid
  7. crbid

    Sherpa 250

    Well, maybe its age, but I put down a deposit on a new 2004 Super Sherpa. I have owned lots of bikes prior, and I last owned a DRZ400S. I don't believe my riding gives any dirt-bike suspension a problem. Also, my son is 2 years shy of 16 and I imagine him using this quite a bit to get around town at that time. I came across this bike by asking at a few dealers. Many rarely see a Sherpa go in/out the door. I'm pretty sure he couldn't even picture the bike I was talking about, as he scrambled through broshures. He checked his warehouse and saw a new 2004. Before he got it to the showroom, I went to work on comparing the 2004 and 2005. Only one difference of note, was the 2004 has a rear 18" tire and the 2005 went to a 17". It made the 2004 look better in my mind, not to mention the price cut the dealer was giving me on a previous year model. I'll write a ride report in the Spring and title it, " DRZ400S rider reviews first Sherpa ride". Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  8. crbid

    Sherpa 250

    Sorry, thought of another question. Riding two people. Is the suspension to weak for two adults under 150lbs each?
  9. crbid

    Sherpa 250

    More information than I could have hoped to receive. The Sherpa sure seems popular in Japan. One question. The bike is air cooled, does it ever get too hot? Thanks!
  10. crbid

    Sherpa 250

    This is great. Probably the best advice I can get is from someone owning a DRZ400 and a Sherpa. Thanks for the advice. I think the Sherpa will be fun. What I don't understand, is that we are seeing all these guys, even competitive professional motocross racers playing around on XR50's, but when you suggest playing around on a 250cc, they label it a girl's bike. I agree, the aftermarket is not only weak, but non-existent for this bike, but I'm not worried about this aspect. What would I want for this bike anyway, exhaust, graphics, plastics, gas tank? Perhaps only the gas tank. My son is almost 14 now, and in a couple years he can get his license and take the sherpa out. We have a graduated license system in Ontario, Canada now and that means he can't drive a car without a licensed driver beside him for one year after he get his beginner's license at 16. With this bike, he can get a beginner's license and ride immediately. The only restriction is on driving at night or carrying a passenger. I haven't seen a used bike, but the new ones are so cheap, I will just get new. Any more ride reviews on the Sherpa vs. a DRZ would be appreciated. Cheers, and I wish I was in California right now. Chris
  11. crbid

    Sherpa 250

    I am getting a new dual purpose before Spring, to ride with my kids and a little around town stuff. I last owned an '01 drz400s, and it was a great bike, but heavy. Please tell me if I should get this 250 Sherpa, I'm 5'7" and weigh about 150, OK maybe 160. Thanks Chris
  12. crbid

    need help picking a ride

    Thanks guys. The DRZ400S is a really tough bike to beat in almost every category. I owned one, and have even more respect for the bike now that I have done a hard search for a new ride. The DR650SE is a good looking bike this year in the blue, with the two-tone seat. I probably would be happy with this bike. I will ride 70% on the road, and when I do go out with the kids its easy going trails. Did I mention how much fun it is to have my son lead on his CRF100, with my daughter behind him and me trailing. It could be a very underrated family pastime, and one that my kids are still eager to do with the old man. Cheers and I hope everyone has a good 2005. Chris
  13. crbid

    need help picking a ride

    Easily the best forum on thumpertalk. I owned a 400s for the last few years and sold it in the Fall to pay for a divorce. I have two kids who still have their rides. My son (13) is on a 2004 CRF100, and daughter (9) on an '02 XR70. We like to camp and trail ride in the summer, and can even get over to a short trail from my house. I have to get a new ride before Spring. I really liked my '01 400s, but was thinking of something liter, but still road legal. Its a tough decision. If you get something "dual" out of the box, its a little wimpy (Kawi sherpa, yamaha xt225). Otherwise, you get much higher seat height (I'm 5'7") and heavier, which you have to dual sport yourself. Of course, the DRZ is a beauty and unmatched in it's category. I looked at an EXC 250 (4 stroke) today, and I can get a great deal, its a new '04, with a $1000 package installed (muffler, graphics etc.), but I'd never get my girlfriend on the back (pegs?). I think the new Husky TE 510 Centennial might be the prettiest enduro ever made "out of the box", but I imagine the availability and price are crazy. Penny for your thoughts ...
  14. I've been to the dealer twice now trying to get a replacement for the air filter panel clips. These are the half-circle twist clips (3) that secure the side panel over the air filter. I happen to lose one. They can't find it in the parts list. Help, they're useless.
  15. crbid

    The reason I can't sell my sons PW50

    nicest bad news you could get. My son is on an xr70 now.