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  1. wax808

    Anyone need some deathwings?

    I have a good buddy who is on TT that needs a set for his Yamaha DS. He rides to work every day on the street and his knobbies are looking cracked and sad. He would gladly pay for shipping and your time, I will have him PM ya.
  2. wax808

    Top Speed of DRZ400? 1/4mile time?

    I would have thought it would be a bit quicker. My WRX will almost do that stock. I guess I should be pretty happy about that, it is pretty cool having a station wagon that is almost as fast as my bike.
  3. wax808

    Quiet pipes, wheres the freedom?

    Loud pipes do save lives... Ride for a week on the street with a quiet exhaust then try a loud one.... It's scary how no one sees you on a quiet bike. If you live in an area where people are prone to get sand in their vagina's then by all means, silence that bike. Where I ride people could care less. I'm not gonna compromise my personal safety to be less annoying to the average dude on the street.... especially when 70% of the bikes in my town are loud ass harleys. Offroad is a different story... sometimes I ride where I shouldnt be. I put the end cap back on and the bike is quiet as hell.... I also like to hear others rather than trust them to hear me.
  4. wax808

    Alpine Tech 8s as a dual sport boot.

    I wear my Fox Trackers to work all the time ... I wear Icon Recon jeans over my boots and my work pants so I have some protection if I wreck. That might get a bit hot in the summer though.
  5. wax808

    Need full protection

    the 2005 661 suit is the first year to have hard chest protection. The back protection is somewhat lacking though. Velocity Gear makes a killer back protector on their full body suit. The material is lycra though which I dont like as much as mesh. Personally I wear an Icon Field Armor vest. It ahs good back protection, awesome sternum protection, and is cake to take on and off. It is just a vest though so you will need something else for your shoulders and arms.
  6. Heres what I want to know... When you guys did an SM conversion with 17's, rotors, lines,... does it help with stopping and performance on the street alot? Does it make the bike more nimble? I have the stock trailwings on there right now, they seem to do ok on the street but I would love some killer stopping power. So please, help me convince the little woman into helping me sell my suburban to SM my DRZ out.... I need stories of how you could never go back to riding a stock S after your conversion. haha thanks..
  7. wax808

    do motorcycle cops crash?

    Good point. Thats a good reason to ride a Dualsport and have an extra set of plastics and a different colored helmet..... that is, if you are gonna run from cops all day. And great post Wrooster.... it makes me feel better that I bought my Icon Field Armor vest. I know its not kevlar, but its nice.
  8. wax808

    artifical vroom

    Loud pipes do save lives... no one can dispute that.... Up here people tend to not get sand in their cracks so easily.... and if they do, they can move back to California.... I'll keep my bike loud on the streets, and quiet on the trail...
  9. wax808

    Bad News sad death

    Thats not a bad idea at all.... SixSixOne makes a nice one, about thirty bucks.... If protection helps you keep your head in the ride then get it by all means... we can all do alot more in that department. I just recently purchased an Icon Field Armor vest for street use, it has better sternum protection than anything else out there.... I like to think of it as a healthy paranoia. I feel terrible for this poor kid and his family, neck injuries can happen very easily in this sport.
  10. I wish chumps like that guy would stay in the city where they belong..... People like that have no idea what country living is supposed to be like... live and let live..... if you cant handle it keep your intolerant domesticated ass in the city.
  11. wax808

    Thumpertalk Polls

    Well TT is a business.... how else could they afford to support this forum? It's not like you are unknowingly downloading spyware.....
  12. wax808

    Who is the best-looking guy on TT?

    Nice boobies....
  13. Make sure if you get the 661 that you get the 2005 model... the earlier models have a very soft and weak chest protector... they finally hardened it in 2005. Now the zipper down the middle of the Rockgarden has its definite advantages. It is way easier to get off than the 661... the side zipper on the 661 makes it tough to get on and off.. and in my opinion might cause some tearing problems... The Rockgarden will get you chest protection for less money... the 2005 661 is about 200 bucks... IF you want chest protection you wont get better for full coverage than a good roost deflector. I just got an "Icon Field Armor" vest. It has superior sternum protection from anything else, It also has great back protection... it is one of the only things I have seen that also offers rib coverage. It is made just for street though, and is only 80 bucks with no shipping from 411. I will still wear if offroad under a t-shirt. There is no elbow or forearm coverage though. IMHO chest proteciton is one of the most important things you can have....
  14. wax808


    Waxy huh? Thats my nickname in real life here in the inland NW... in fact there are a ton of people who dont even know my real name. wierd huh? Thats pretty cool .. I've only known of one other person withthat nickname, a gangster from decades ago called "Waxy Gordon"
  15. Have you ever tried to hit the 60 mph fastballs of a pitching machine? lol... you'll feel like a clown unless you play ball all the time. Theres no way that a child is gonna be swinging at major league pitches, most machines in your average cage would never pitch that fast. Thats all neither here nor there though... I get your point man.... and I agree. Life is dangerous by nature. My town recently passed a law that says EVERYONE needs to wear a helmet on a skateboard, scooter, or bicycle in city limits.... no one follows the ordinance, and cops refuse to enforce it... nice law huh. I never wore a helmet on a dirt bike until this last year when I bought my DRZ and started riding on the street. I look at pics of crashes and massive head trauma on the internet and I will never ride unprotected anywhere ever again. Many in my family ride all the time with no helmets at all... it's just the way they grew up on the reservation. They think of their bikes and quads as a new fangled horse. Now I make sure that all of my kids and my woman wear their helmets and body armor.... I wear Icon Field Armor just when going to the store..... it is heathy paranoia brought upon by the graphic nature of the internet.... and I am thankful for it.