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  1. DunmireD001

    Koso digital gauges

    When I bought my wr250x the guage on it was completely trashed from the bike being looped. I disconnected the Cluster and it came apart in pieces. for now I'v just taped up the plug that went into the back of the device and the bike still runs fine. Not sure why your buddies bike died? maybe a blown fuse? Ive also been considering this guage setup bc it has the neutral light, blinker light, high beam indicator as well as everything else about it. I would like to get another OEM speedo for my bike which runs around $300 but I doubt I can Change the miles on the speedo to match my bike. still gotta figure out the details. If I can find a way to get a new one with the miles I need indicated, I'll probly just spend the money and take the easy way out. but If I cant, I may just get the KOSO.
  2. DunmireD001

    Any Supermotos?

    Pretty self explanitory. You got one? Let's see it! My 01 wr426
  3. DunmireD001

    Looky what we have here!

    20 guesses what this lucky guy will be doing with his 4 day weekend? Here's some hints:
  4. DunmireD001

    426 pain in the @$$ to start

    Yeah, sounds like valves. Mine used to not like starting, but after changing the pilot jet it starts first kick most times. If you leave it setting for months at a time it will always be a bitch to start. I let mine set for 2 full months and it took 12 kicks before it finally came to.
  5. You could change the gearing and go down a few teeth on the rear sprocket, but then you will run into issues of too much speed. My bike has the same problem. I just wanna downgrade to a 250 2 stroke
  6. DunmireD001

    2010 yz450 countershaft nut

    I thought it was a 15.
  7. DunmireD001

    Headlight on bike without stator mod

    Just buy a headlight and hook it up to a 12v battery.
  8. DunmireD001

    Headlight on bike without stator mod

    You can mod the stator yourself if you're confident enough to do it. I could tell you how.
  9. DunmireD001

    Throttle sticking.

    Had this start happening to me a few times during my last race. But after a 6 mile lap into the single track course, on my second lap, (after the bike was good and hot, I was having issues where my throttle would start stick after holding it in one spot for a while. It wasn't sticking on my throttle turn, it was down inside the carb. (The slide). All I had to do was blip the throttle a couple times and it would return to idle, but I was wondering if there are any easy methods to resolve a sticky throttle.
  10. DunmireD001

    Dropping 3 TEETH IN THE FRONT!?

    My Wr450 is the same way, except I can run around 5mph without having to slip clutch. (Anything slower and I have to.) however, it's geared down so far that in tight woods, when I get tired, it's almost dangerous, bc having it geared so low, any little blip of the throttle is so torquey, it sets me back and is easy to grab too much throttle. When you're tired, and running single track this can be dangerous and put you into a tree fast. Or worse, if you're not careful. I'm thinking I may just need to drop down to a yz 250 2 stroke. Sometimes slower is faster.
  11. DunmireD001

    Reed and canard

    Reed's an ass. First tries to cut across the lane to keep canard from passing (causing the 1st wreck). Then after they get up he intentionally forces canard off the track again! No excuse for that. I hope reed gets injured this year.
  12. DunmireD001

    Fatbars on '06 wr450f

    I run pro-taper Evo's, Henry/reed bend. With the pro taper clamps. Absolutely love Em.
  13. DunmireD001

    OEM or Hotcams? Can't tell (with pictures)

    What year bike are they on? I only ask bc I can see the one on the left has an auto-decompression setup, which doesn't come stock on anything 03 or older.
  14. DunmireD001

    Badmeat's 2009 WR450F SM Build

    Is it true the YFZ450 (4 wheeler) master cylinders have the micro switch built in???
  15. DunmireD001

    Engine oil

    This was a question about ROTELLA oil specifically. So that only the select few who run ROTELLA oil need to input what is recommended. If people read, there's not really any issue. Right?