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  1. Ride

    Some trees down on Tillamook trails

    what did you get?
  2. Ride

    Mounting trials tires

    Get a group buy going, thats the best way. I started one on another forum and got 37 takers. works just like the vid. I just did a stiff 19" rear and it was silly EZ and no black rim scratches.
  3. Ride

    Stolen - 2004 KTM 450 EXC, Portland

    I had to dig a little and this is an older picture but i think still accurate to how the bike looks.
  4. Ride

    Mounting trials tires

    WD40 and push it 90% on by hand. I find them VERY EZ with the big soft side wall. The key to mounting any tire is making sure the optisite side you are levering on needs to be pushed into the center of the rim so the tire can slide over towards the side you are mounting eliminating the stress on the bead and force needed to put it on. We did a group buy on this tire mounting tool on another forum and it makes mounts silly EZ.
  5. Ride

    Some trees down on Tillamook trails

    I bet with all this rain and wind. I don't ride browns or the east side much any more (ride diamond mill, Jordan and Hollywood areas mostly) but have a few times this year and funny to see all my old single track trails from when i was a kid are now quad highways. I get disoriented on redirected trails I used to know. "Mariannas" has always been there, used to connect from the back side of back to back to the powerlines and then to the road going to prison camp staging area. Used to be a real bugger and was really hard to come up it. Will be interesting to see what they have done there. Back in the day we used to park right at the waterfall on the highway and ride up the back side to Mariannas and back to back. Just realized i have ridden this area for 35 years now. Seen a ton of changes. Good times. Oh, and thanks again to Dave Hiatt for resurrecting the Diamond Mill / Jordon creek area. I had left it for dead and he has revived it.
  6. So by your numbers the dealers have doubled since 2012 and only 4 per year have been BMW dealers (seems like they need to get more). Seems like a good job to me. Point? And i see no reason some BMW dealerships should not carry huskys, maybe they are where it makes sense and guess what, news flash, BMW owns husky.
  7. My local shop. they sell nothing but huskys and used bikes. other local shops... L&D KTm and husky Taskys - Husky, GG, TM, Berg Grasham husky KTM Almost every shop here is euro or husky only. The few BMW shops that sold huskys seem to be drying up and the old shops selling just huskys are still here. Just the facts.
  8. so BMW's plan is to buy a company, build some new bikes and then discontinue everything? OK. Seems odd for a company that is very successful, forward thinking and a leading manufacture in the world. I'm sure we here know more than they do about running a motorcycle company. When that happens (never) and will buy a Beta and move on. The low TE250 was begged for by dealers. They lower them here in the US and it is no big deal. Lower one if you like or not, big deal. The 65's were not here when the Italians were in charge ether. many issues around this. Again, big deal. The 449/511 is an all new bike and i just spoke with a rep of HNA and they are going no where in fact there are accessories coming to make them more versatile / use them for what you like. The new TE310R is amazing. New TR650 is amazing (Bills can't keep them in stock). Almost every single 449/511 customer reports flat loving that bike. Then there is the odd love for 125/144/150/165 based bikes that seem overwhelming in a time when hardly any other manufactures build them for the US market.
  9. Sounds good. How about the 2013 Idaho City ISDE Qualifier. 120 miles a day through epic and technical single track goodness. 240 miles for the weekend (man enough?) and lots of DNF's. Pros will be there, fun event... lets get it on. I'll be on a husky and be part of the half that finishes just like the years before.
  10. here is Bills a few months ago when I picked up my amazing TR650 husky. this is about half the shop and he had more bikes being delivered as i was there... this is a brand new 125 that Bills (because they go the extra mile always) put the 165 kit that was developed by a husky fanatic on the other husky forum and extensively reviewed and loved there with FMF 200 pipe and aftermarket muffler for an amazing price. Bills flat rules. No doom and gloom here at all, ever.
  11. No in fact I LIVE the things I post, ride all the time with other husky riders and enjoying the best stocked dealer in the country. I can see how if you live in a part of the country that does not even support off road riding and you ride 1-2 times a year how you might feel things are bad. If you live on the west coast where there are thousandth of miles of trail in every direction and LOTS of people ride off road 2-3 a week while located one day shipping away from a top dealer with all the parts you could ever want and on your doors step in 24 hours your perspective might be different. At the point where the best dealer in the planet goes belly up and the husky product sucks I will simply move on to another brand and dealer and keep riding. I will not spend years bitching on an internet forum to 2 people that might care about what a none rider in a none riding area has to say about a brand. that would be silly.
  12. older pix i had. Have a newer one somewhere with the newer bikes, looks the same, piles of great bikes from a great dealer.