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  1. I have the X2, its a big improvement over stock. I rode the midnight madness event with it and I actually finished much faster over previous years just because I could see better. I didn't get the dual sport version though as it has a lowered beam. I'm told it's not a huge difference, but I want every little bit at night without blinding oncoming traffic. If I get stopped for bike mods the headlight is the least of my offenses anyways.
  2. jpdgas

    Handle Bar Clamp Recall

    I got a second mailing for mine even though I had mine fixed on the first recall a long while back. This is one I didn't have a problem getting taken care of, unlike the ridiculous "wrong sticker" recall that just came out. Better safe than have your bars break off I suppose.
  3. jpdgas

    Midnight Madness Big Bear DS

    No one, eh? C'mon, y'all aren't afraid of the dark are ya??
  4. Anyone going to make this ride on Aug 4th? My buddy has been redirected to a wedding so he's out. This isn't a ride that I would solo, so are there any riders out there I can meet up with?
  5. I traded in my super high hours 04 YZ250F to a dealer in my area. I took care of it, but it had the wear of a 7 year old bike. It was starting to seep oil from the exhaust and I'm pretty sure the top end was going to let go any day. The dealer slapped a FX sticker kit on it and put it up for $3500 and called it 'low hours'. Personally I would never buy a used bike from a dealer. They will mark them up about 200% and lie all day long to you about the condition of the bike, at least in SoCal.
  6. jpdgas

    Riding gear Thread

    I'm not sure about narrow, but Sidi boots have a very low profile, especially in the toe. Combined with the articulated ankle its the easiest shifting/braking boot I've ever used. Also very comfortable and you can replace almost every part that experiences wear, so its potentially a lifetime boot. That said, I have to wear a size larger than my normal shoe size. I actually never wore any chest protection up until last season. I picked up a EVS G5 ballistic jersey. So far I really like it. I don't even notice it, except when it gets hot. I stopped wearing a jersey over it and now I can hardly tell its there. Shift Squadron pants have lasted me for years. The leather goes very high and has protected the pants from my KTM. Plus the lower leg comes off to make shorts for the drive home.
  7. Here is my fav glamis pic from a few years back
  8. jpdgas

    Emissions label recall

    The dealers don't do vehicle assessments for the state and I'm pretty sure they aren't secretly in league with the DMV. Unless there is a CHP hanging out in the service department I don't think there is much to be concerned about. If the DMV asks for the cert when I renew my reg, that's when I'll bother getting this done.
  9. jpdgas

    What does it mean?

    Nope, its been desmogged and the breather is routed to an external filter. I always measure out the oil to what it asks for. I had layed it over early in the last ride but then went another 100 miles afterwards.
  10. Im riding a 2011 KTM 530EXC and I came across something I haven't seen yet when I pulled the carb off today. On the engine side of the throttle tube there was a greasy black substance, but the airtbox side was cleanish. I stuck my finger in the intake on the engine and there was a puddle of black dirty oiil in there. Where would this come from? There are only about 40hrs on the engine and its been easy riding with the exception of my last ride. It boiled over going through some tight stuff, but I let it cool and continued the ride. Everything seems to be running fine but I'm concerned about this development. Should I be?
  11. jpdgas

    Clockwork Fuel Tank

    Having problems posting pics it seems.The good news is Clockwork is going to swap the tank out for me so it's not an issue.
  12. I picked up a Clockwork for my 530 and the fit and feel is great. It installed easily (make sure you get the right screws!) and I liked the look of it...until I rode with it. I did 140 mile DS ride and the tank outer plastic is so porous that it looks grey now. I can't clean it as its covered with needle sized holes that filled with trail dust. It just looks like crap. On a previous bike I had a Clarke tank and it was so smooth I could just wipe any dirt off without issue. Does anyone else with a Clockwork have this problem or did I get a bad one?
  13. I know pretty much everything has some form of radioactivity, I just don't want things with higher than background buzz hanging out next to my manly bits
  14. Nothing too creepy over the years, however I did find this little guy out in the middle of no mans land. I found out later that it was in fact training land for some branch of the military and I haven't gone back. Its slightly radioactive, which I found out a few days after i carried it around in my pocket on the ride back to the truck (that's the scary part of the story). The last pic is an xray of it that my Pops took. I've never researched what it is exactly but my guess is a tracer round from something big like an A10s 30mm.
  15. I am replacing the stock headlight on my '11 530 with a trail tech x2 halogen 70w. I am wondering if this is going to kill my battery even though it says it works with everything stock. The only other non-stock power drain I have is a garmin 60csx hardwired. The stator and battery are stock and even the stock headlight dims at idle, should I be concerned?