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  1. slimrider

    bought KX450F 07 for 6000 OTD

    Chaplin Kawasaki. I rode it today for the first time. That is one hell of a bike. Much better than my 05 rm-z 450.
  2. slimrider

    bought KX450F 07 for 6000 OTD

    I just bought the the same bike 5600 out the door. I pick it up tomorrow.
  3. I'm not clear here. Did your bike have the problem 30 mins after it was at the KTM dealer getting the valves replaced? If so, your suit should be with the KTM dealer. And BTW, there counter claim is frivilous, they won't recover anything for lost time, they are just trying to get under your skin.
  4. slimrider

    RC and Bubba Unadilla Crash clip

    I can't believe how hard bubba hit the ground. I'm not surprised he sat out this weekend, that was a whack.
  5. You're wrong. Rc did dominate in his first year in the 250's. He won 8 of 12 nationals, and the title. Bubba came in this year expecting to do the same thing, but lets face it, he is not as fast as the top 3 guys, let alone RC.
  6. May be true, but you can't win in the 250 class on talent alone. That's why I've always said bubba will never beat RC in a championship. Look at the stats, RC IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! There is no disputing it. And bubba will never be.
  7. Kiss my arse, bubba doesn't believe in crap, RC is the man and the GOAT, and bubba never will be. Bubba will win when RC retires.
  8. When are you bubba kiss asses gonna give up. He's not faster than the top three guys, on any bike. He's become a danger, but i'll reserve more judgement until i see the tape here. I've said for the last 11 months now that bubba would never be able to beat RC heads up, why are some still not listening?
  9. slimrider

    Slimrider, please respond!

    Factory connection did it.
  10. slimrider

    best oil brand

    shell rotella-t 5w40 synthetic. it's fine for the clutch, don't believe the bs.
  11. slimrider

    Slimrider, please respond!

    I don't remember what they were at the time, and I sent the suspension out and had it revalved. I can get you the settings off of that but I don't think they will apply. When I did have mike from factory connection set the clickers it was at the track. I don't know how it works at where you live, but in New England any race you go to, there is at least one suspension shop there, and just ask them to set your sag and adjust your clickers to your weight and ability.
  12. slimrider

    06 Cam tensioner ?

    Finally, more support for what I'm saying. Some people just don't want to believe.
  13. slimrider

    06 Cam tensioner ?

    Thanks joe, I'm sick of beating my head against the wall here, believe what you want.
  14. slimrider

    06 Cam tensioner ?

    Greg you're arguing with something that makes no sense. And by the way, I'm a very high maintenance mxer, who is obsessive about checking stuff. To disregard a bike that has a manual CCT because, it sounds really like you don't want to do the maintenenace, is ridiculous. MANUAL CCT'S ARE MORE RELIABLE, BUT REQUIRE A LITTLE MORE WORK.
  15. slimrider

    06 Cam tensioner ?

    So why is anybody who knows anything about CCT's on the hondas and yami's going to manual CCT's. Manual CCT's are much more reliable. You don't know what you're talking about. The zuk thus far has been shown to be relatively bullet proof.