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  1. Non-Ethanol fuel.
  2. I have my Xtrainer Plated. It does great on the street.
  3. Yes, I added them.
  4. My Xtrainer is plated. I ride it to work sometimes.
  5. I am in Idaho, about 40 miles from the Montana border. The Xtrainer is the best bike I have owned. I am the same size as you 5'11" 190 Lbs. and I ride exactly what you are describing. It is great for single track. It will lug down to almost a stop. I hardly use the clutch. Nothing major, they do have a few quarks like any other bike. My friend has the 300RR, he keeps it at my house and I do the regular maintenance for him. It will not turn as sharp, is slightly taller. Much stiffer suspension. Works for him, I prefer the Xtrainer. And when the single track gets tight, he wishes he had a Xtrainer.
  6. Running too lean from the float being stuck closed. My guess anyways. Pull the bowl and clean it.
  7. I got Caught on the Game Camera. As you can see we still have snow. Wont be until August before the mountain trails are clear to ride.
  8. I have been running mine with stock diodes for 2 seasons, still in good shape. I will be replacing them with the ones Beta sent me last week. Keeping the old ones for a spare.
  9. Did you plug the 2 pin connector back in? That is the throttle position sensor. Check the diode and resistor pack under the seat.
  10. Wow, my fully plated (legal in any state) was $41 in Idaho.
  11. I didn't see anything in that video a Xtrainer or the 300RR couldn't handle with ease. I ride my Xtrainer 30-40+ miles per hour on roads like that all the time. And the rougher stuff the bike would soak it all up. With your background with the WR/YZ bikes I would suggest the 300RR.
  12. I have uninstalled it several times, same error.
  13. All the other brands are split, aren't they?
  14. Pretty much what I was going to say. Split it. I have come across some threads that was talking about some kind of fix then realize it didn't pertain to my bike.
  15. Definitely looks better with the red headlight bezel.