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  1. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    Based on my style and skill level, yes I enjoy my bike better.
  2. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    I have ridden his bike and the height is noticeable. Weight wasn’t much of a factor. The motors are similar but the Xtrainer will lug down better. Stock Suspension is obvious all around better on the 300 but for single track only the Xtrainer shines. The wheel base of the XT makes it much easier on single track too. The most noticeable difference is in the turning radius. The 300 has the steering stops way out so the forks don’t hit the radiators. The XT turns much sharper. Very noticeable when riding swithcbacks and when maneuvering the bikes around in the garage.
  3. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    No, that's not me. I do live in Bonner county though.
  4. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    The 300 was jetted a little rich. I lowered the needle one clip and it runs much better. We are both weekend warriors, no racing for us. Both bikes have stock suspension.
  5. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    I ride the same stuff as you as I live in North Idaho. My riding buddy has a 300RR, I have the Xtrainer. We both enjoy our bikes. They both work for the terrain. These two videos we didn't do alot of single track but still rough going at times. I love the Xtrainer on single track.
  6. FUHL

    Post your Beta video here..

    Rocky trail, short version.
  7. FUHL

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    Normal, My bike and my buddies 300RR does the same thing.
  8. FUHL

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    What Oil are you using?
  9. FUHL

    Does your 300 sound similar to lthis?

    Does it get quieter when you pull the clutch in? If not, most likely exhaust O-rings as stated above.
  10. FUHL

    old fat tall and getting a new bike

    Any 300 2T.
  11. FUHL

    2015 Beta 500RS

    Non-Ethanol fuel.
  12. FUHL

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    I have my Xtrainer Plated. It does great on the street.
  13. FUHL

    2018 Beta X trainer test ride

    Yes, I added them.
  14. FUHL

    2018 Beta X trainer test ride

    My Xtrainer is plated. I ride it to work sometimes.
  15. FUHL

    rear fender bags

    I have this one. Works great.