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  1. FUHL

    New 2018 Xtrainer

    More abrupt then a small bore 4-stroke race bike? I think my XT rides more like a 4-stroke trail bike than most 4-stroke MX bikes.
  2. FUHL

    18’ 300 race sputtering

    I don't us it for performance, I use for storage. I put it in all my small engines that will not be run for a month or longer like lawn mower, snow blower, and yes the bikes get put away for the winter.
  3. FUHL

    18’ 300 race sputtering

    As soon as I read "VP110" My thoughts where to reply with "Try 91" but someone beat me to it. I only run 91 Non-Ethanol. 91 only because that is the only grade I can get that doesn't contain Ethanol.
  4. FUHL

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    I had a snowball fight at Mauna Key last April. And I placed a Ride Idaho decal on one of the Honey Buckets.
  5. FUHL

    Xtrainer tps

    Yes my Xtrainer is plated. But most won't be using the stuff especially those that have the RR for racing. Dude, that Yamaha is a four stroke.
  6. FUHL

    Xtrainer tps

    Let me introduce you to Beta. For example on the Xtrainer and RR models. Turn signal and horn switch. Wiring for turn signals. Steering stem lock. Driving light, Low/High beam headlight.....Yes a Driving light on a dirt bike. I'm sure there is more.
  7. Where in Idaho? This makes at least 4 of us.....It is a low population state.
  8. FUHL

    Show me your...BETA !

    Bought my bike a friend. Going to use it to trailer the bike.
  9. I know you are not looking for a new bike now but when you where did you ever consider a Zero FX? https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fx/
  10. FUHL

    Anyone here lower their truck?

    I love lowered trucks. Now all my trucks need to be 4x4 due to winter. This was my 1982 S-10, pic was taken in 1988.
  11. Some People accept change and new technology, others not so much. I am kind of in the same situation. I ordered a brand new vehicle with a complete redesign. Massively more technology advanced than the previous model year. Not all the previous owners are welcoming this model with much enthusiasm. Change is hard for some people. And not all change is good for everyone. I too love the idea of an electric motorcycle. The torque is a huge advantage. I have been following electric motorcycles for about 10 years when Zero was called Electricross. They started out making just Electric MX bikes and now only are making Full Street or DS. Alta is a Great choice, Good Luck and have Fun!
  12. I think you have it backwards. 2015-2017 were White, 2018 Red.
  13. FUHL

    Started up my 18 x and oh no

    Adjust the float height with the metal tang, but that is not your problem. My guess is the diods.
  14. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    Based on my style and skill level, yes I enjoy my bike better.
  15. FUHL

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    I have ridden his bike and the height is noticeable. Weight wasn’t much of a factor. The motors are similar but the Xtrainer will lug down better. Stock Suspension is obvious all around better on the 300 but for single track only the Xtrainer shines. The wheel base of the XT makes it much easier on single track too. The most noticeable difference is in the turning radius. The 300 has the steering stops way out so the forks don’t hit the radiators. The XT turns much sharper. Very noticeable when riding swithcbacks and when maneuvering the bikes around in the garage.