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  1. Markee33

    SX-F top end rebuild guide

    Service manual. Search YouTube: Rockymountain has one as well.
  2. Markee33

    New fork seals leaking after 2 rides?

    Make sure your forks are parallel, motion pro makes a good tool to check.
  3. I guess KYB or showa won't work in the clamps?
  4. I have a lathe and access to a mill. If I had a side by side comparison of the the type of modifications, I would be able to understand it better. Was talking with MX Tech about his solution, Very expensive modification, like 900.00 for SSBCV system, springs and revalve.
  5. Markee33

    What's the point of the 350 sxf

    I could see the use if it was extremely lighter than a 450. But I'd rather have the power there if I need it specially if you are a bigger dude. But people get a kick out or ringing out bikes and I believe you can do that more with the 350. There is no replacement for displacement.
  6. Markee33

    13 450 SX-F.... buyers remorse?

    Thanks Steve, I thought this was the case. I kept reading if you do anything to the exhaust, remap. Nobody could tell me why. Do you have a site with your maps and information?
  7. Markee33

    13 450 SX-F.... buyers remorse?

    So you do have specific maps for exhaust alterations or not?
  8. Markee33

    13 450 SX-F.... buyers remorse?

    Didn't call you out by name Steve, its a general observation. But im curious, you tested a stock KTM 450 SXF with baffle removed and come up with a complete tested Map that optimizes this set up? I'm confused on the process on how folks come up with a "remap".
  9. Markee33

    13 450 SX-F.... buyers remorse?

    Let me assume when the baffle comes out or a new exhaust is bolted on, you now have a need for more fuel correct? now a stock map would not work obviously if you need to "remap". I'm just confused on how someone would know what map to use if a baffle is removed or a FMF slip on is added???? I guess it would make sense to me if the KTM tools are more geared towards diagnostics on a lean and rich condition with new parts changed from stock. Otherwise i'm just trusting some jack leg from the internet loading God knows what into my motorcycle. I guess i'm just lost on the matter.
  10. Markee33

    13 450 SX-F.... buyers remorse?

    How do you "remapp" I've done searches and I can't find shit.
  11. Markee33

    Rekluse Installation Help

    Propane hand torch and put a little heat on it around the shaft in a circular motion for even distribution. Should pull right off.
  12. Markee33

    sxf350 ktm 2011 battery problem

    And 3lbs lighter than stock lead acid.
  13. Markee33

    front tire has drag problem

    No worries, 2 pages of this mess leads anyone to believe that a problem so simple is basically un solvable. Problems demand brain time, if you refuse this, internet forms strive.
  14. Markee33

    sxf350 ktm 2011 battery problem

    Relays are tricky, you can unplug them and plug them back in and get different results. If the relay is suspected to be the drain just on womanly feelings, then at least unplug, clean contacts as good as you can, and test.
  15. Markee33

    front tire has drag problem

    Good info on the o ring. But you can have dual pistons and still have pins. 99% of front japan NISSIN calipers are like this. But i'm not familiar with the caliper he is using, i just assumed.