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  1. Time for new tires. Any thoughts from someone who's ridden both the Arena and 525 to compare these two in the usual categories? thanks
  2. I came across this vid on the 'tube... Not me, but I followed the advice and put dielectric grease on the ECU on my 2019 as well. I suspect any year would be susceptible to this if the boot is not on perfectly.
  3. G-Berm

    18’ 300 race sputtering

    change plug first. it may solve your problem. a plug will have decreased performance at a high RPM when it needs to be replaced.
  4. G-Berm

    Beta 2017 300RR Dashboard

    The sensor on the left fork leg/front brake that senses the little oval disc magnet that is in your brake rotor is finnicky. My speedo stopped working after a wash and then started working again a week later. I was warned not to mess with the sensor on the wheel, but I did put dielectric grease in the plug for the dash.
  5. please keep us posted
  6. G-Berm

    2019 300rr speedometer not working

    Thanks. I'm still under warranty, so I think at this point I'll drop it off with the dealer on Monday
  7. G-Berm

    2019 300rr speedometer not working

    could it be? you think so? it only has 7 hours on the bike and the clock, hour and mileage memory are intact.
  8. It reads 0 mph while I'm clearly not. The hour meter is still functioning, but the speed and the trip are not. It was working last ride out, now it's not. No changes by me. The magnet appears in place, and the wire appears intact. I disconnected, applied dielectric grease, and reconnected the electrical connections. Still 0 mph. Anyone else come across this with any other ideas? I have a riding event on Saturday, so I'll drop it off at the dealer on Monday for warrenty work if I can't figure it out by then. Thanks!
  9. G-Berm

    Well, I did it. Bought some Italian stuff.

    I suspect the 200RR will ring up the most miles
  10. This would be great, but I don't know...People are funny anymore
  11. G-Berm

    ? Ride whoops in the Jersey Pine Barrens

    thanks for the strong advice. ill put it into practice
  12. G-Berm

    CRF 110 - won't start

    Does it kick start? It should if it’s just the starter. Otherwise, check for a ground fault. Mine had a ground fault. I replaced the ground wire and it worked. You can check this by using jumper cabled. Attached negative lead to battery and to frame. That’ll bypass the starters ground lead.
  13. G-Berm

    ? Ride whoops in the Jersey Pine Barrens

    Thanks for your opinion on what others do. Appreciate it!