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  1. I forked out the extra bucks to put a kick starter on my 300. i believe its a must have for almost all riding.
  2. I need reassurance. Changed the transmission oil on new beta 300rr. The drain plug magnet looked like the head of a troll doll with all the metal shavings sticking out from it. 5 hours on bike. I suspect this is normal for the break in. Is it? I've only owned used bikes and have never seen this.
  3. G-Berm

    Any way to tame down the xtrainer?

    What will happen if you leave everything as is and don't use 1st gear? Start moving in 2nd. I bet 2nd gear will be better for her without losing anything. The XT will ikely be able to handle begginer terrain in 2nd gear just fine. My 6 yo has a crf50. 1st gear is too torquey for her (her head snaps back with acceleration!). She just uses 2nd gear to start moving, even on a hill. All better.
  4. ...so I hit reserve right at the end of the first loop. It was about 2.5 hours and a little over 40 miles. Not a lot of riding was on the pipe (for me). Tight, twisty, sandy with endless relentless whoops. After the first loop I bailed. I didn’t have another 40 miles left in my arms or legs, plus my front tire stopped holding air. Tubliss caused my problem and also was the reason I could go 30 miles with a flat. As far as my float..i didn’t check the carb, but I did a function test. I did a tilt test and my bike only starts to leak gas when it’s really leaned over, much farther than on the kick stand either direction. I have to ride more and get in better shape!
  5. Thank you to everyone. This is a great family. You have talked me off the ledge. I will run the bike on Sunday in stock trim and report back. I will definitely fill at every available fuel stop. Thanks The ECEA states in their rule book that fuel stops at least every 50 miles. So it might be close because I’m still not sure about the fuel stops plan for Sunday’s race.
  6. roughly 16mpg. Can someone else confirm this? I may have to carry (and hurry up and purchase) a fuel cannister.
  7. G-Berm

    Show me your...BETA !

    I must ride just south of Boise.
  8. G-Berm

    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    I just checked...still available on the 2019 300 RR on the BYOB
  9. 35-40 miles? for a stock 2.5 gallon tank, let's see....16mpg. that's disappointing
  10. Entering my first enduro this weekend in NJ on my week old 2019 300RR. Wondering how many miles I should be able to go on the stock tank. Thanks!
  11. G-Berm

    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    I just received delivery of my 2019 300RR with TUbliss. It's not available on the RR-S 4 strokes that are street legal.
  12. Eastern PA near Philly, a wee bit from Ohio! I just ordered blinkers and a Relay from amazon. Thanks for your advice. If I understand correctly, 3 steps: plug in relay, connect bullet connectors to front blinkers, connect bullet connectors to rear blinkers. Sounds easy enough. Am I missing anything?
  13. G-Berm

    Show me your...BETA !

    I'd like to join the club. Just brought home my 2019 300 RR from dealer. BYOB: Rad guards, skid plate, hand guards, ASV levers, 50T rear sprocket, 1 inch lowered from factory, 1 inch lower seat, TUbliss F & R. I have a plate, just figuring out mounting options. advice? Blinkers and crap mirror on order to make it "street legal". Excited beyond belief. Plan to get it dirty in my first sprint enduro in 2 weeks and the NJ Hammer Run in November!
  14. You are correct. I was wrong about the Voyager. I just received my bike. I overlooked that difference.