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  1. XR4KW

    Directions to Spangler

    Great! Thanks...
  2. Hey all, Going camping next month at Spangler for the first time. I'll be coming from Simi Valley heading up the 14. Should I take the 58 to 395 or is there a good cut across further north? I will be in a rented 30ft RV so the easiest route possible please. Thanks in advance...
  3. XR4KW

    Tortoises Are Up

    I remember reading that they may get scared, pee and dehydrate themselves.
  4. XR4KW

    Extraction type trails except ride-out-able

    This thread is classic lol. I think theres a bit of a communication gap, where are you from White Gold?
  5. XR4KW

    new 510 08 question

    I'm assuming an IMO is a gps/computer and roadbook is a map. If I'm correct check out this site... http://www.cycoactive.com/
  6. XR4KW

    GPS questions

    This is the one I have, use it with the RAM mount and it is bullet proof. These have been replaced with the more expensive 60csx. http://cgi.ebay.com/GARMIN-GPSMAP-60C-GPS-60-C-Handheld-Receiver-before-CX_W0QQitemZ290245759064QQihZ019QQcategoryZ94866QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. XR4KW

    The Official 'Thank You Coffee' Thread

    Best forum on TT and I don't even own a Husky......Yet! Keep up the good work.
  8. Here's some more info... http://www.vcmc.info/images/08qualifire.pdf
  9. XR4KW

    Sierra Club Members Trashing Griffith Park!

    Email them and demand an explanation. I did. Hypocrisy at its best...
  10. XR4KW

    Purgatory Rocks Yet Again!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like the mountain bikers know about purgatory also. http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k2/xr4kw/702763.jpg
  11. XR4KW

    Questions for BLM Ranger "Chief Ranger"

    I don't understand why the manufactures don't get involved financially to help out the off-road community. Wherein we stand to loose places to ride they stand to loose $$$ if we can't ride anymore. No riding areas = ATV/dirt bike riders stop buying. Instead, Honda donates to Sierra...makes no sense.
  12. XR4KW

    Mag Cleaning procedure & Pix

    OK, stupid, non-tech guy question of the day... What is the benefit of cleaning this??
  13. XR4KW

    just got the 08 TE510

    Does the racing pipe have a spark arrestor?
  14. XR4KW

    I Just May Have A New Favorite Place To Ride

    Nice work Detective . All is well with everyone. I'll have Steve get in touch with you, we're trying to coordinate our schedules and get an overnighter on the books in the huge guys (lol!) trailer. I was wondering if you guys would pick up on the "purgatory" label.
  15. XR4KW

    I Just May Have A New Favorite Place To Ride

    Alot of the stuff in your pics I haven't seen yet. Time to go back an do some more exploring or then again maybe not I definately know this trailhead, fun trail... http://s123.photobucket.com/albums/o310/9lives_photo/9lives_photo2/IMG_0576.jpg