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  1. If so, how did you do it and did you use the stock radiators or aftermarket?
  2. Jetsprint2

    info on '04 YZ450F

    I like my 04' a lot- good purchase. I raised the forks 5mm up the triple clamps to improve on turn in- it made a difference. These bikes do push a bit in the corners when stock- but once you make the proper adjustments the bike will do what you want. Make sure your sag is set in the back, if the front tire is stock- chuck it and go for a more intermediate or soft terrain tire- the stock tire is for hard pack and sucks for turning a MX bike. I went with a storm linkage in the rear and helped the turnability even more. My next step is to lower the radiators- when I do I will post the results. Late
  3. Jetsprint2

    06 yz450f stalling in air

    I agree with the other guy, warming up 10-15 degrees is quite substantial.
  4. Jetsprint2

    check it out ...suggestions please..

    If it were that big of an issue Yamaha/ all other brands for that matter would have something already built into the stock configuration.
  5. Jetsprint2

    Lost oil drain bolt

    IMO, you caught it just in time. As long as some oil drainned you should be alright. If you ran it completely dry I would be much more worried.
  6. Jetsprint2

    Should I fear the 450?

    Any rider that is big enough not a child and has riding experience can ride a 450. Use your head
  7. You are correct, wow no one has ever guessed that one.
  8. Jetsprint2

    Just got an 05 450F, whats first?

    Congrats on the new bike! I really like my 04'.
  9. IMO, the YZ 450 is the best motocross bike that can be made into a woods bike. Once you combat the stalling issues the reliability of the bike is unmatched by the other brands. I went from a YZ 125 to a YZ 450 so I am already an animal with the clutch so stalling was not much of an issue for me.
  10. Jetsprint2

    got to ride yz450f

    Hey man it is ok, congrats on the baby girl !
  11. Jetsprint2

    Gearing out of Whack

    13/52 is way radical for an 04. I will bet that thing is like riding a jack rabit bouncing off of the rev limiter. 100mph, you will have to gear that thing like you are racing the world's fastest Indian (the movie) .
  12. Jetsprint2

    Anyone run 15-48 gearing on an 04' 450?

    Got the manual out and the calculator to see what ratios are actally lower/higher than others. I have got a feeling that 15/48 may be a bit tall on the bottom, 15/49 or 15/50 may suit me better. Thanx Gray
  13. Anyone run 15-48 gearing on an 04' 450? I am thinking about giving it a try. I run trail and race 50/50.