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  1. I'm going to ride sugar pine August 29th. Weather channel says high of 85. Now that's a thursday. I personally like week day less trail traffic. So I'm pretty sure I'll be the only truck there. I usually park near the round about or trail one entrance. Just in case. White Nissan Titan, and I'll have my yz250fx. If you show, bring a lunch. I always have extra water and snack stuff(fruit, chip, etc). Gotta keep hydrated and up in energy.
  2. Yamaton

    Just Curious- An Observation

    I didn't know other places existed. I don't need to go anywhere else. I can trail ride the north and desert ride the south. I live in the Sacramento area (transplant from silicone valley), so launch point to do just about anything. Honesty I haven't thought of riding out of this state. We are the most hated place that everyone wants to visit or move too. Our government sucks, taxes are crazy, to many freaking people (way to many), but this always be my home.
  3. I know they are fairly new, but has anyone tried or thought about trying the Tusk recon hybrid? I mean for the price I'm thinking for ordering two. Couple laps around sugar pine trail 4 will eat a tire.
  4. Yamaton


    No worries. Family always comes first. No matter what. The wife and i leave for Lake Shasta Thursday morning. Next window i have will be the week of the 26th (August).
  5. Yamaton

    coolant overflow

    Ok response. The coolant is below the top of the inner radiator, just below the top fins. Not even close to the bottom of the fill spicket. With the bike up rite and running I can see the coolant moving. Now it could be me, but it looks frothy. Like it's cavitated with air. I'm really running toward a new water pump, the super cooler. The stock cap is a 1.1 and it pukes instantly with that on. With the 1.8 takes roughly 2 to 3 mins to start puking. When i rode it through the parking lot from the yamaha shop i bought it from (100% stock) to the truck to load, coolant was on the ground. I'm 48 and respect my machines (even my old beat down lawnmower, I still maintain and treat well). NO OFFENCE to anyone, but i'm not some kid that goes WFO rite after i start it. I have a degree in mechanicals. Been around motorcycles since i learned how to walk. I just put this out, cause I know i'm not the only person with this issue. I'm chalking this up to being a Friday 5pm or Monday 6am bike (union guys will get that) and I just need to figure out the Gremlin in it. Thank you for your input(s). I'm going to order the Boyesen super cooler at the end of month and upgrade the radiator hoses at that time. My yz250f never had an issue of any kind like this.
  6. Yamaton

    coolant overflow

    2019 yz250fx coolant comes out the over flow within two (2) mins of warm time. I put a tusk 1.8 cap on it. It has the temp gauge built in. It's in the green when it starts to come out the over flow. Checked the 5 amp fuse, It's good. Installed auxiliary fan. Next step in water temp sensor. The bike as been doing this since day i brought it home. 3.4 total hours on the bike. I bought it 3 weeks ago. I called yamaha and they said I let it warm up to long. I said 2-3 mins for a water cooled bike is to long? F.U. on that. Especially with the temp still in the green. Maybe i need to upgrade to Boyesen super cooler. Anyone else with similar issue.
  7. Yamaton

    WebCams camshaft bind

    Plastigauge. They come in red, green, and blue. What it sounds like is you are going to have to machine or send it out to be machined. Horizontal Hone, or mill which ever you can clamp into. Bike shop i used to work at we had a full machine shop. It's not an uncommon thing, just gotta find the right person. Your service manual will give you clearance specs.
  8. Yamaton


    Ah yes, Worton's. Nice place. I like the deli there. It will be dusty, sadly. If it's just you and I shouldn't be to bad. If there was five or more people, the wait would be awhile. Russell, my cousin, and I were up there a few weeks ago. We came across a group of 8, they were waiting for people so we took off. I had to google TM125. Very nice.
  9. We're getting closer to red sticker season. Yay. That means Hollister. Until then I'm going try to do a couple sugar pine rides. I'm going to be at sugar pine August 12th (that's a monday) early before it gets hot, 730 would like to leave staging area. My bike is a YZ250FX. Going Shasta lake area to show the wife chappie-shasta 15-17. I might ride sugar pine on the 18th. So if interested leave a message and we'll go from there. If anyone has suggestions on some trails, I'm interested. I've never been to moon rock. Thinking September on that one. Shade is most ideal.
  10. Yamaton

    Weekday Rides

    Well lets meet Monday the 12th (that's my off week). Sugar pine work for you? Say 730am. I just put Nitro Mousse in the front and rear of my new yz250fx, like to try them out. I wanted to this last week, but the wife had other plans.
  11. Yamaton

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    Hill People Gear for carrying a pistol. Runner kit bag
  12. Yamaton

    H & H scramble

    Lol. I'm 42 and never raced I'm my life. I'm a d36 senior and I'm doing the enduro, and CC rides. I'm not looking to win, just finish. I've have my phantom hare and shasta dam pins so far. George Town and leoni meadows are next. 229x
  13. Yamaton

    Sugar pine has reopened.

    Forrest hill(sugar pine has reopened) going to ride there on Monday may 6th. Come join me and my neighbor. Main staging area. Will be there between 730-8am ride till 1pm ish. I ride YZF 250 he rides CRF 250. We are both D36 riders, not looking to race, just have fun. Come join if you can. We like to go Mondays cause its empty. My number is 229x. Can't miss me.