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  1. gimped up

    what is this 1988 cr 500 worth ?

    banshee's are a dime a dozen. that classic is more rare. jmho. looks like one of my old 500's. down here they sell for $3000.00 because it is a 500. good luck
  2. gimped up

    Nut stuck on front axle?

    i would save your money and use a gallon of milk. it will do the same as fix a flat. it will not plug a hole, it will make a mess inside and it will eventually stink just as bad! but it will wash out with water.
  3. i felt the same way about my 450! i was laughing about all the people who said they had too much power! then i sold it because it was a lame duck, no thrill factor. a good solid 300 is the only way to go. in my honest opinion.
  4. i have not said anything against the riders. these other trolls act like its all the rider. its not. if it were, reed would have titles for each manufacturer. he doesn't. i am saying, that if ktm was so poorly made, how can they win titles all over the world, especially in some of the most grueling races around. i stand by my other statements, these fools would not know a good bike if they had one. that is all. i'm out.
  5. delete. you are not worth another minute of my time. you would not know a good bike if you had one. that is all.
  6. gimped up

    Acerbis Handguard

    wouldn't see why not. its just a swedge bolt system.
  7. how many world titles has suzuki won in the last two years for offroad competition? not local harescramble series, that joe smith won a six race series against some moped riders. actual world titles? so now you will revert back to james stewart won blah blah, dungey won years ago, roczen won one series. what else you got?
  8. a contest of who is the bigger @$$hole! so i bought my house last year, my neighbors bought theirs just a few months later. first time i met the guy, he was mowing my ditch line up to my drive. i was cooking on the grill. he yelled something, so i stopped what i was doing and walked over to him. he starts ranting on about the height of my grass, that i should mow it shorter like he just did. i was like well next tuesday i will send over my landscaper you can explain to him. the dude shut up. i walked away. i never sent the landscaper over, i let it go. about a month later i saw him out again, i walked over asked how they were doing, from that point on he has been cool. actually a pretty good guy. i thought about returning the favor this week. seems they have been in florida for a while and their grass is about 24" tall right now, since my lot is mostly wooded, next to the moss covered yard i have its atrocious looking. most that truly know me know just that i can easily win this contest!
  9. gimped up

    can i put engine oil in my forks

    90 w gear oil!
  10. its not just usa championships, i am looking at global... yes there is no other manufacturer who has been dominating competition globally! don't get upset, it is true. you know it, just accept it.
  11. is it really with the amount of multiple champions in the pro class, but only one manufacturer is flat out dominating the field. now, don't get me twisted i do actually feel sorry for the people who wasted their money on suzuki's kawi's honda's and yami's for the last few years. they're ok bikes, but not at all champion making, by any means! but hey, learners need to start somewhere don't you? i look at the stats thats is all. KTM RULES!
  12. the title of this thread should be" How KTM demoralizes the competition."