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  1. Twindfl

    Rm 125 Fork swap conversion completion!

    Will the moto rim bolt up to them I see u got one on the back
  2. Twindfl

    DRZ with KLX450 headlight conversion

    Can u post a few more pics to see it a Lil better looks great from wht I can see
  3. Do they make that sleev for all pipes
  4. Twindfl

    Drz motor swap into Rmz frame

    I'm 185 but I got a plus 4 on the back 41t is stock I got a 45
  5. Twindfl

    Drz motor swap into Rmz frame

    The drz400 is a killer bike but its to much of a dog I did a ride the other day and I got a 45 tooth sprocket on the back and 55mph was it. I could have gone a lot faster but 55 was were she was comfortable at 65 was screaming
  6. Twindfl

    Drz motor swap into Rmz frame

    Y the Drz ISENT fuel injected yet is unknown to me or that they dident come out with a 450 supermoto they would sell like crazy
  7. Ya I think but I never received so I got nothing to worry about its just I'm pissed bc I missed so much ridin over there screw up
  8. Tony just but the Manuel this way u don't got spend crazy money on info u can get here on T.T if its leaking oil it's ether gasket or a crush washer but trust me buy the book an defeat that problem on your own there's no better feeling after u do lol but what other problems are u havering with her
  9. Those epic guys are something else they took almost a month an a half to send my rims when they said maybe 2weeks an on top of that that sent me the wrong ones. I orderd black on black (hubs) and they sent silver hubs plus the back had the wrong roter now 3-4 months later they were sopost to send me the right set and now they claim that they sent a new set and that it was delivered and I never got it its nothing but a big head ack with them they don't return calls emails but when they thought there 2nd set of rims where here they called me every other day an now i still dont have the right set of wheels an now i got to wait for them to do an " investigation " an i think its bull but that being said keven is working on it he's never told me to frick off or anything I'm just saying I paid 1280 for a set of rims that I couldn't use for over a month do to the E model roter when it was so post to be an SM rear roter but keven did make right by that but more then half the Sumer was Dunn by then .......from now on I'm just goin to stay away from 3rd party sellers an go right to the source if I can avoid it
  10. Twindfl

    Pictures of everyones Z's? Sm.. S... Real E's!..

    That's my sm I converted to an s with upgraded suspension front an back the reason for that is I do more dirt an I felt those forks were better for that but that's just my opinion
  11. Twindfl

    Pictures of everyones Z's? Sm.. S... Real E's!..

    Youtube it .......it's so easy an it looks sick ill try an get some pics for u but just go to ebay and type in spoke skins ,dirtbike spoke skins way to much money to P.C them then u got to take apart then true them pain in the ass these just slide over them