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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm asking for my future brother-in-law. His parents (hes 16) got him a 97 CR125 a few years ago and he has been very happy just riding around on their property and at friends properties. I have been trying to convince him to get plated so we can go do real riding in some OFTR tracts. so looks like this summer we are going to do it, but I had no idea they didn't have the ownership for the bike...... Anyways, long story short, took the VIN to service Ontario today to try to get a used vehicle package and find out if its stolen and figure out how to do the affidavit thing....and the VIN appears to have never been registered...... I double and triple checked the stamped VIN and the Vin Plate and I definitely got the VIN right. Whats my next move to get him an ownership?
  2. goflossurself

    Honda TRX400EX 440bbk jetting help

    SO im helping a friend rebuild and install a BBK on his TRX400EX. its got a White Bros exhaust and a Hot cams stage 1 cam. Everything else is stock. here is my current setup stock needle clip 3 MJ 150 PJ 38 A/F 1.5 turns out and it is still rich!!! i dont get it. I ran with this set up with the air box lid on and it was chugging like a choochoo train, pulled the lid off and its running a lot better but still a bit rich. spark plug was black in both tests. starts cold with no choke no problem. if i let it idle for a while and give it i get soot coming out of the exhaust its so rich I dont get it, i read about people running a 170 MJ and 45 PJ with similar setups. can anyone recommend what is going on here or at least confirm that i should go leaner on the PJ
  3. goflossurself

    FCR jetting testing !

    the PAJ definitely made a difference in my entire range
  4. goflossurself

    CR125 engine rebuild help/identification

    anyone able to tell me the years i can interchange parts? looks for specifics on the engine as well as plastics (gas tank)
  5. goflossurself

    FCR jetting testing !

  6. goflossurself

    95 cr125 power valve/governor problem

    weight reduction Bro!
  7. goflossurself

    FCR Jetting help

    post pictures of the yellow pain on the hex screws.....
  8. goflossurself

    CR125 engine rebuild help/identification

    Thanks, what years are the engines the same? its a 97 but looking for the range that i get get parts from
  9. goflossurself

    95 cr125 power valve/governor problem

    yeah not too hard, your gonna need a new gasket also.
  10. goflossurself

    95 cr125 power valve/governor problem

    it was set wrong last time it was reinstalled. here is what it should look like inside im not sure how to set the gear, im sure someone else can help with that but its fairly easy to set correctly by the looks of it.
  11. Hi Everyone, Im helping a friend rebuild a CR125 and i just got into the motor to see whats up and im looking for help on buying new parts. I know nothing about the CR125 but have rebuild my DRZ400 many times as well as other engine work. The CR125 is a 1997 and has been beat to death. the problem of failure was the lower rod bearing seized up on it (probably from lack of oil changes) i know it needs a crank, bearings looked okay, it could probably use a fresh piston and set of rings and a good hone but is there anything else on these little bikes i should be looking for? transmission looked good also. also all i know is its a 1997 CR125, ive seen some stuff online about a CR125R, what does the R mean and what differences? how do i know if this one is a R? it also has a dragging/rough/hoppy clutch, looking at the basket, the cause is clear. the pads themselves are within spec, is it safe to sand down the basket? if this was my bike i would just replace it but its kind of a budget rebuild.
  12. goflossurself

    FCR jetting testing !

    im sure if you set your idle really high you can ride without stalling. or if your itching to ride, pull the PAJ out. i would think it would run a bit better without it.
  13. goflossurself

    FCR jetting testing !

    im not a professional but that pilot jet sounds way too rich to notice a difference with the air box door off. main jet 160 and 3rd clip it should run, wont like idle much
  14. goflossurself

    identification help CR125 1997

    Posted in wrong area, moved to: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1134741-cr125-engine-rebuild-helpidentification/
  15. goflossurself

    FCR jetting testing !

    the count starts from the flat side. im just north of the city (close to barrie) and have a few jets you could have tried out to see.