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  1. Tree_Dodger

    2014 250 r rad protection

    I am doing the same search.... I spoke with Mike at Flatland Racing, they do not have a '14 version yet either. I am going to see how the '13 fit up and send him some feedback. He said he would take back if they do not fit. As for why the need?..... $300+ for half a radiator! That is an expensive little piece of equipment! Have been away from dirt for the last 8 years..... Looking forward to some tree dodging!
  2. Tree_Dodger

    Georgia Durhamtown accident

    Went riding for the first time in nearly four years with my son that just graduated from college... My first time a Durhamtown, and sadly on Friday, December 30th there was a serious accident that may have been a fatality. We saw folks giving CPR for 20-30 minutes before EMS arrived, and everyone concluded that the young man was killed. This is the second time in my riding career that my son and I have witnessed a fatality. I have to admit I am deeply troubled by this, and question myself, as a father, introducing my son to this sport. Just before the incident, I was admiring all the families enjoying the time together and the sport. It certainly is a sport with ultimate consequences, and I am not sure how I would handle being the father of this fallen rider. My prayers to the family; my confidence is that the boy is in a better place.
  3. Tree_Dodger

    Wilmington NC newbie

    Also just moved back to the Wilm area. I used to ride horses in Holly Shelter, and a neighbor who noticed the bikes in the garage mentioned that he thought folks rode up there.... can anyone confirm or tell if it is legal. I'd be interested in any trails in the area.. legal preferably. I saw an article in the newspaper a couple of months ago that mentioned a new OHV trail in the Croatan national forest (but that's a couple of hours away).
  4. Tree_Dodger

    CRF250X PLEASED or REGRET your purchase

    I bought my '04 x in October '04.... not a single problem other than driver error. Handle bars still bend when crashed into trees.... but I suspect all models are the same in that aspect. Great bike! I like the CRF better than my son's (my ex) '03 wr250F.
  5. Tree_Dodger

    Bent Handlebar Holder

    Appreciate all the feedback... looks like replacing it is the way I'll go!
  6. Tree_Dodger

    Bent Handlebar Holder

    It is the bolt.... I've had problems in the past with the rubber mounts, but that isn't the problem this time. The reason I asked the question was to see if others would be concerned about weakening the bolt by straightening it out.. Here is how I'd describe the alignment problem. With the handle bars in the clamps, looking down on the bar and aligning with the bleed screws on the forks. One side goes through the middle of the bleed screw and the other side is about 1/4 lower (half way between the middle of the bleed screw and the bottom of the screw). I didn't even notice the bend in the screw until my son pointed it out. Looks like a new clamp is about $30....
  7. Tree_Dodger

    Bent Handlebar Holder

    A couple of weeks ago I took a spill and thought I bent my bars. I took the bars off and lined up the triple clamps to ensure everything was straight. When put it all back together the bike still didn't go straight when the bars where straight. I took the handlebar holders out from the top triple clamp and it appears as if the left one is slightly bent. What should I do? I could try and bend it back or just buy a new one but they are probably pretty expensive. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Tree_Dodger


    Caged means they are contained inside a "cage". Like the ball bearings on your wheels. You may be able to repack with the bearings in place... Are they seized? you know who! your old man... We can look when I get back in town.
  9. Tree_Dodger

    Chain lube

    I used to use wd40..... but switched to honda offroad chain lube (can't remember the name). about the same price, and the spray nozzle let's you control the flow much better.... I think it is a better deal than wd40.... I know that is hard to believe (it's about the only thing I buy at the dealer).
  10. Tree_Dodger

    Quiet Pipes = Not As Cool!!

    just thought I'd throw this into the mix.... even on my crf250x (pretty quiet bike).... I wear ear plugs under my helmet!!!! I'd prefer not to wear hearing aids when I'm an older man if I can help it. My son wears them also.... now that is REALLY NOT COOL!!!!
  11. Tree_Dodger

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    your post may have been mainly for thumpette's, but.... I started to ride at 45 ... have had a blast! I ride with my teenage son and his friends... have had a couple of crashes, painful learnings, broken handlebars, etc but nothing serious!! Love the sport and love the fact that my 16 yr old wakes me up on Sat mornings and says "come on dad let's go". You'll know you are hooked when you find yourself riding down the highway looking at every field and sizing it up for a ride. good luck. beleive it or not... when in doubt, give it gas.
  12. Tree_Dodger

    Brown Mtn - First time advise???

    Again, thanks for the input Looks like the biggest unknown at this time will be the weather. Sounds like the trails will dry up reasonable fast, so we should be able to get some time in. I may try to pick up a counter sprocket with one less tooth....should be a little better on the hills. Will be in a silver honda van with trailer, red and blue bikes. Maybe we'll see some of ya'll there. Happy trails!
  13. Tree_Dodger

    Brown Mtn - First time advise???

    I appreciate the advise! Any areas to avoid? I visited Uwharrie a year or so ago, and started off on Daniel trail..... big mistake for a novice Learned my lesson..... will try to research this a little better. again thanks
  14. Tree_Dodger

    Brown Mtn - First time advise???

    Hopefully my son and I will get our first chance to ride Brown Mtn next week I'll be visiting my sister in the area during the week (Mon - Fri) and will be taking the bikes. Missed out on the WNC TT ride cause my wife had surgery that weekend. Any of you regulars have advise? Best trails? Trails to avoid? My son and I have been riding about a year and a half. Since we live on the coast, we are mostly used to sand and whoops. Have ridden Enoree and Parson's mountain... but that is the closest to hills we've been on. So, we will probably start out on the easy trails and work up to some moderate. I've got the map from the web site..... Any suggestions are welcome!!! thanx Matt
  15. Tree_Dodger

    Oil for 4 strokes

    I'm certainly not an expert, but "not mixing the viscosities" sounds like paranoia..... What is the worry? I would expect them to mix over a short period of time. Since neither weight is "bad" then a little erratic oil flow shouldn't cause a problem in the interim. Once mixed.... don't you just have a hybrid 13w/43???