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  1. FLYH2O

    Rounded bolt

    Drill the head and use a screw extractor .
  2. FLYH2O

    Found my stolen yz450f!

    Don't go in your truck because if he stole your bike he knows what truck was in the driveway.
  3. FLYH2O

    Dirt bike boots

    Just my opinion but I don't think its a silly statement. They are both MX Boots designed for protection and durability aren't they? The price spread isn't that large to say they don't compare. The Tech 3 boots have or had the worst buckle system ever made. Almost impossible to get undone and the inserts break very easy. Not very water resistant at all. Don't last more than a season of weekend warrior use. My "opinion" of Tech 3 boots is not worth the money no matter how cheap the cost.
  4. FLYH2O

    Dirt bike boots

    Tech 3 are the biggest junk I've ever worn. Turned me off anything Alpinestar. I have a pair of SG10 boots now and think they are the best built most comfy boot on the market. That said I also think the Sidi Crossfire boot is in the top 3 of boots.
  5. FLYH2O

    International motorsports

    The US dollar will kick the price up. Old stock bought at par dollar $7.
  6. Wow! Looks dry. Nice ride you got there, very bling. Brand new from International I'm guessing?
  7. Great shots. Anyone been up in the last while ? Must be dry
  8. Not going to happen due to lack of people signing up. Don't know why they wouldn't hold the event at Popkum race park. Vancouver island is a very very small base of riders to draw from.
  9. I'd have to go with a Yamaha WR450. It's not perfect but it's bullet proof and a great ride. Ride it hard year after year and abuse it with very little money out of pocket. Great bike to settle on for one solid life platform.
  10. FLYH2O

    ORV act passed in BC

    Delayed until November. Also an optional sticker coming if you don't want a metal plate. http://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/specialty-vehicles/Pages/Off-road-vehicles.aspx
  11. FLYH2O

    Where do you draw the line

    I buy the best because I can't afford to get hurt and not work. I believe a $400 plus helmets like 6D and Shoei are better than cheap lids with Snell stickers. I think more research and craftsmanship goes into the ones I've compared and Snell approval is a goal it's a starting point. Boots are important and I spend what it takes to get the best. I bought cheaper boots before and wasted my money I think. Neck Braces are one of those things I think Finding a great fit is more important than price. If it doesn't fit or feel good you won't wear it all the time. Pads and braces I find the more they cost the more comfortable they fit. If they fit I'll wear em all the time. If they make me sweat, chafe or pinch I'll only wear them on extreme ridding days not everyday. I buy good ones and I don't notice them in a few minutes of ridding. If one month of work would pay for the best safest gear made I can't afford not to buy it. You can't change your mind on buying the best Mid crash.
  12. FLYH2O

    Suspension service BC

    I like RMR myself. Never had an issue.
  13. FLYH2O

    International motorsports

    Great shop and great guys. I buy everything there because they have better prices than the big shop down the road. I don't know what bike your buying from them but they are straight shooters and sell tons of bikes. I deal with Mike or Clint for most stuff but Buying bikes I deal with James.
  14. FLYH2O

    ORV act passed in BC

    Went in last night to Westland insurance and got mine done. Took the girl a bit to figure it out because it was the first plate that store has issued for an off road vehicle . Pretty painless and 20 minutes later and $48 I was done. Bike was from a dealer so my taxes were paid then and I had the original bill of sale so no hassle . Pros: ~ maybe it will be less tempting for scum to steal with a plate on it? ~ should be tons of parts bikes around with all the unregenerable stolen bikes in BC. Cons: ~ It cost $48. ~ If you buy a used dirt bike from now on from anyone you gotta pay taxes. ~ the plates are a pain in the ass to mount on my bike. ~ the plates are big and it should have been a fork sticker instead. ~ the woods and trails will be littered with plate torn of bikes in the bush. ~ must now carry paper work on rides ( one more thing to pack). ~ retroactive taxes collecting on bikes bought five years ago or less. ~ big expense for multi bike owners ( spouse and kids bikes). ~ Notary Public needed and fees paid if you can't find original bill of sale. ~ Heavy fines if not completed and caught on crown land. ~ lose a plate In the woods and you will be charged for another plate . I don't like it and hope they change it to a sticker but it's a done deal I'm sure.
  15. FLYH2O

    Oakley Airframe MX lenses?

    I just bought a pair of Oakley Crowbar MX and two spare lenses with them. No issue at all. The Airbrake MX doesn't seem to have option?