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  1. digitaldan

    43,500km bike with 6,000km services!!

    I did 3000 - 4000 km service intervals on my DRZ, at 50 000 km I freshend up the top end with an Athena 440 kit and new valve seals, cam chain and post 2003 tensioner. I sold it on 63 000 km and I know for a fact that it now has over 75 000 km on it. At no point in time did it have any mechanical problems and it's running strong.
  2. digitaldan

    DRZ400 tank, help me decide which one

    I had the Clarke, IMS and Acerbis. The Clarke had the best fit, on the IMS I had two leaks / cracks and there is some fuel that you cannot use in the bottom half of the tank. The Acerbis is designed for the E but I modified the brackets, also no place for the fan. The Acerbis (4 gallon) was my favorite as it just felt to be of better quality and stronger than the other two, second choice will be the Clarke (3.9 gallon) and then the IMS (4 gallon).
  3. digitaldan

    Going from DRZ to 525 EXC

    Did a 200 mile ride today, the bike runs strong. I'm about to do a valve check but it sounds like quite a job removing radiators/ coolant etc. The DRZ was slightly more comfy on the longer stretches or should I say smoother. The 525 comes alive in the technical bits. I try to avoid the 6th gear as I have been told the gear is prone to wear when just cruising. The mileage on my DRZ was 50/50, I only needed to change the shims once in the 40k miles. I replaced the piston and rings at 31 000 miles as it started to smoke slightly under acceleration.
  4. digitaldan

    Going from DRZ to 525 EXC

    I have very fond memories of my DRZ, 440 kit, pipe, FCR the works. I put 63 000 km on that bike. Only problems were a fried stator and broken shift lever spring. Then I rode a 525 and fell in love with the motor, gobs full of torque and the suspension rocks. I have added some goodies to it. Still feel at home on the DRZ forum
  5. digitaldan

    Going from DRZ to 525 EXC

    Hello all Long time no post, well I sold my beloved DRZ some time ago. Went a couple of months without a bike but I had to get back on two wheels. I have always liked the RFS motors so I bought a 2005 525 EXC which I have plated. I have only been on short rides twice but so far I'm liking it. Anyone one here done the same, your opinions or tips ? Regards
  6. digitaldan

    DRZ loses time when switched off

    Now here is a weird one. My friend just bought himself a nice '05 DRZ. When the bike has been switched off for some time the clock will go back to 1:00. If you turn the ignition off and back on it's fine, only happens after some time. The bike starts fine and the battery is strong. I guess it can only be a poor connection ? Thanks
  7. I tried but no luck. I have this pic of a SM saved from that thread but can't find it anymore. It had some info on the bikes build, can't even remember the members name Thanks
  8. Guys do you need to grind down the old mounting tabs where the rubbers used to sit ? It goes over but it's a tight fit. And I can't get the rightside panel to fit ? The front part overlaps the tank by an inch or so. The seat and shrouds fit just fine. Really like the look of the tank !
  9. digitaldan

    Oil - how little can we use?

    At 32 000 miles my Z started using some oil at anything over 70 mph. We did a long trip and did a 150 mile stretch at that constant speed. When we stopped there was no oil on the dipstick ! Not sure how long it ran like that but it felt fine and never made funny noises etc. I guess it shows you can run with a quart or less but it's not worth it. Ktm owners add oil coolers etc, embace your 1.7 l !
  10. digitaldan

    DR350 versus DRZ400

    I'd really like to see a pic of that bike
  11. Thanks for sharing. Any way of saving the videos ?
  12. digitaldan

    Fork height in triple clamps

    Not being very clued up suspension made me wonder about the front forks. Since I've owed my bike the forks have always been level with the t clamps on the first ring giving me 5mm or so sticking out the top. Are the rings on the stancions there for a reason besides getting both sides equal ? Will dropping them result in more stability / slower steering ? What do you guys prefer ?
  13. Hi guys just came back from a trip and I had to be bump started a couple of times to get the bike fired. This first happened about a month and a half ago. Bike would cut out at idling speed and refuse to start up with the button. The first time I waited about an hour and it went. I have now learned that it will fire right up if bump started but not with the button. The battery is fine and the motor turns over fast but there is no spark. I have a tiny rpm tach and it comes on as soon as it senses spark on the ht wire. But with the button it does not come on which means no spark although I still have to visually check it. But on run starting it fires right up every time ? This an intermittant problem and normally starts after riding longish stretches. Could it be the source coil ? But why does it work with bump starting and not the button ? Once it goes the bike runs great with no hesitation, the problem is just at idle (2000 rpm and lower).
  14. digitaldan

    Is the Athena 440 truly bolt on?

    It is a bolt on the only thing you have to decide is what compression you want to run.
  15. digitaldan

    What I learned today

    I'd rather let the acct tensioner do the work, the 2003 and newer have had no reported problems ?